Written by s-j-m

10 Aug 2011

I was 24 ish and worked for a subsidery of a large retail company. My MD was a bit of a lad, 10 years older than me, and like to booze and entertain especially clients.

M had a 40 foot boat on the river and we used to take clients out in it and entertain them. One day we were with a group of clients booze was flowing and I was too pissed to drive home. M got taxis for the clients and suggested we sleep overnight on the boat. I rang home from a nearby pub (no mobiles in those days)and told my wife not to expect me till the next day.

Meanwhile M prepared a double bunk in the main cabin, I looked a bit surprised but accepted the response that that was all the bedding available!!

We slipped into bed and the talk turned to sex, was I gay, no!! Maybe I was bi like him, M was married with 3 kids!

How about some oral sex, I was shocked to say the least, but mildly curious.

He stared fonderling my cock which soon sprang into action and was rock hard within seconds, and I really do (did) lust after women. Very strange.

I felt his cock which was hard too and started to wank him, next thing my cock was in his mouth and I was loving it. I soon sucked him and although I felt ashamed after I did like it. We decided not to cum in each others mouth, but shot our loads onto our stomachs. We later tried anal sex but we could not get it up without it hurting so more oral. It turned out M had been in the army, national service ,and had been introduced to bi sex there with army buddies wanking each other off due to lack of female company.

I went home the next day guilty as hell not only had I cheated on my wife but with a bloke.

It was years after this that we had oral sex again and right up to his untimely early death 30 years later.

I have since that first time had oral sex with about 6 other blokes.