30 Jul 2015

Thanks for the comments, so here this detail.

The kiss let my inhibitions go, I was definitely bi and I was going to go for it tonight. My choice of his trousers allowed me to get down near his crotch and unzip slowly. I poked my nose in to smell his sex and when the chinos came off I reted my head on Dave's worryingly long lump in his boxers.

Jan's dreams came off when Dave' released all the fastenings. She stood there in bra, stockings , suspenders belt but no panties. Absolutely stunning, well covered but smooth. Full breasts and a completely shaven fanny. I love that as I can lick all over the area, though hairy pussies are soft and moist for feeling also.

Jan did my trousers and shirt , licking my nipples, and I did Dave's boxers. I was in heaven to see his cock, long but thinner than mine and beautifully uncut with tip nearly fully hard poking through. I had to suck it even if that was supposed to be for later. Decades of wondering and there I was with velvety cock in my mouth , so warm!

When Jan's bra came off Dave's and I took a tit each for a while and then jan said she needed to cum and asked me to live up to my mouth-goes-anywhere claim. She lay on the bed still with stockings on and I lapped and licked while kneeling. She loved it.

Dave then started licking my ring, his tongue darting in occasionally. My groaning turned on Jan a lot especially as my mouth vibrated here gently. She said she would cum when entered me so please Mick keep licking throughout.

Dave instructed me to push back as though shitting and we would silently count to thirty and then ready steady go and relax on go. He had lubed me so he had fingered me already and I was desperate for his cock. On GO pressure increased and I thought it would never go in but kept licking the frantically breathing Jan. Then wow, it popped, hurting but fantastic and I got a mouthful of Jan's juice. deep breathing allowed me to ease the pain to an ache and gently Dave fucked me.

Jan slowly slid under using pillows to lift her arse and cunt up. I already had a condom courtesy of Dave and very slowly we wiggled in to place. It was not a fuck any more, just a three backed beat grinding millimetres in and out in ecstasy and eroticism, jealousy harnessed into lust.

Eventually Dave fucked her through me. Every thrust pushing me a little into here but rubbing her clit on my cockbase .

Dave couldn't last , he panted harder, said I'm going to cum and that sent Jan over the edge and I followed . Amazingly as I came before Dave my arse muscles gripped even tighter as I pulsed my spunk and he really came hard. It wasn't simultaneous but it sorted of happened together if you see what I mean.

The rest of the night can be a later posting but suffice it to day that two cocks , three arses, three mouths , one cunt and three tongues can find a lot of fun if a bit of Viagra is around.