Written by emma

27 Sep 2008

Karl had taken me away for the weekend to propose, the following morning he told me he had another surprise for me.

This is what happened as we got off the coach in Amsterdam it was 10am and we where told to meet the coach in the same place at 4pm to go back to the Ferry.

I have been to Amsterdam before with the girls so as we headed off I knew we were heading the to red light district, Karl was playing with his phone and trying to get a signal when suddenly it rang and Karl said into yes mate we are almost there, just coming round the corner now and put the phone down.

I turned to him and asked him what he had planned for me and he just grinned and said I would find out soon enough.

I was wracking my brains as we entered a house with a red door and Karl announced himself over the intercom, a buzzer went and we where instructed to walk to the second floor where we would be greeted.

I was a little nervous and Karl was still grinning like a Cheshire cat as we opened the door to a room with two settees in it and no one there.

I asked again what was going on and he said to me a couple of weeks ago I asked you what your fantasy was which we hadn’t fulfilled and what did you say, oh god Karl I was joking, no you weren’t he replied again grinning what was it, at that moment the door opened and in walked the most beautiful 6’ plus black man I have ever seen, I just stared at him as Karl took some papers off him he was holding and said its ok mate I have received the email everything looks sound to me.

I was still staring at the guy when Karl asked me if I wanted to be on my own with him or could he stay, I said no stay I want you here.

The guy sat down next to me and introduced himself as Coby, as I opened my mouth to speak I squeaked my names Emma pleased to meet you Coby.

I was still feeling a little uncomfortable and still not sure this was what I wanted when Karl spoke and asked me to tell Coby what I had said the other night.

I very coyly said I wanted to share Karl with a black man, I could feel myself flushing as I said it and still not 100% sure this was what I wanted.

Karl took my hand and looked into my eyes and asked me if I wanted to do it and if I didn’t it was fine and we could just walk away.

I turned to look at Coby and he was so stunning his eyes locked with mine and I knew instantly that I was going to do it.

While still looking into my eyes he took my hand and pulled me up towards him and guided me into another room, Karl took my other hand and followed us through.

With Karl stood behind me Coby still looking at me Coby pulled my top up and bent down to lick my nipples, wow what a tongue my pussy was twitching like mad, Karl still stood behind me reached round and undid my shorts and slid them down my legs again no knickers while Coby played with my nipples kissing, sucking and tweaking them Karl pushed two fingers straight into my pussy which I ground against and with the sensations of Coby on my nipples and Karls wonderful fingers I came very quickly.

Karl left his fingers inside me and asked Coby if he wanted to see his girlfriend squirt, Coby willingly agreed and watched as Karl played inside my pussy with his fingers thrusting in and out and tweaking my clit as he pushed four fingers in and reached my g-spot thrusting faster now I felt my legs go as my orgasm approached with Karls fingers doing their work Coby scooped me up and lifted me onto the bed, Karls fingers were still pumping in and out and I was squirting all over him when suddenly Coby bent down and his lips where on my clit, I had already said what a tongue he had when sucking my nipples but nothing prepared me for what happened next, he eagerly sucked my clit between his lips tonguing it all the time and I exploded all over his face, gushing and gushing while he lapped it all up.

They both gave me time to recover, while I was laying on the bed Karl opened my legs and without warning he and Coby handcuffed me to the bottom of the bed as I didn’t object they also cuffed me to the top of the bed.

I jokingly said I hope someone has the keys and Coby flashed them at me and explained that at anytime I wasn’t comfortable with it he would open them without hesitation.

As they both undressed in front of me Coby pulled his jeans down and the most enormous cock I have ever seen sprang to attention, I looked at Karl and even he looked shocked to see the size of Coby’s cock.

I strained at my cuffs as I tried to get my hands close to it, but to no avail Coby bent down to kiss me and touched my nipples at the same time, Karl moved onto the bed and started to lick my pussy these men plying to my every want and need and I couldn’t touch either of them, while Coby knelt on the bed I could feel his cock against my side pushing and probing against me.

Karl felt the start of my orgasm climbed on top of me and rode me through it while Coby still kissed all over my body, I wanted at least one of these cocks and very quickly my wish came true as Coby sat beside me and asked me if I wanted to taste his cock I moaned in response and he began to roll the biggest condom I have ever seen along his shaft it must have been a foot long and the width I knew was going to stretch the whole of my mouth just with the tip, he knelt down and pushed his cock towards my waiting lips and I opened my mouth as wide as I could but other than the tip I couldn’t get anymore in, this frustrated me but the responses I was getting from me licking the head it was good enough for him, I wanted to run my hands up and down his shaft but they where not going to let me.

Karl moved up my body and took my nipple in his mouth and worked his magic while I tried in vain to get more of Coby’s massive cock into my mouth but alas I had to settle with licking the head and imagine how it was going to fit in my pussy, Karl wasn’t small by any means but this was huge and my pussy was squirming at the thought of this wonderful cock ripping me in two.

I carried on licking the end and he asked if I was ready to be fucked by him, as I released him I moaned yes please but please undo the cuffs first so I can work with you.

He quickly obliged and I shuffled up the bed and summoned Karl to kneel beside me and hold my legs up while guiding Coby into me.

I was dripping wet with the anticipation but even I knew it wasn’t going to just slip in so there was some moving about, pillows underneath me and Karl holding my legs while Coby got near to my pussy entrance with his cock.

I leaned down and spread my lips as best I could and Coby started to enter my pussy, he was so gentle and really slowly he guided himself inside me bit by bit, by bit I mean no more then a centimetre at a time I was stretched wide open and didn’t know how much more I could take of him, he continued to move gently into me as my pussy lips stretched and stretched to welcome him, Karl was still holding my legs apart and watching in fascination as I took this monster cock into me, Coby pushed again slightly and tried to ride me with the small amount he had managed to get inside he popped back out again.

I asked Karl to finger my pussy with as many fingers as he could and guide Coby in, I had to have more of this cock inside me and the only way I was going to do that was with Karls help.

He pushed three fingers in and worked inside me while Coby held my legs apart he pushed a fourth finger in and as he pulled his hand into a fist his thumb and the rest of his hand slid in, another new one for me but having his fist inside me the minute he moved I came instantly as he started to pull his hand out I beckoned Coby to put his cock into Karls hand as he pulled out to guide him in so as Karls hand came out Cobys cock started to slide in by the time Karl had pulled his hand out Coby had managed to get at least half his cock inside me.

I tried not to move for fear he really would split me in two and Coby only moved gently, once I had relaxed with him inside me I wrapped my legs around him while Karl played with my arse Coby built up a slow beat and my pussy was on fire with every thrust I squirted straight on the end of his cock, finally after the slow movements I could feel he was going to cum and he met one orgasm after another of mine finally he stopped dead and his face froze he pulled out of me pulled the condom off and sprayed his cum all over my tits and belly, I have never seen so much cum from one orgasm he just kept pumping and spilling it all over me.

I was sore and probably red raw but still I needed more, I knelt up on the bed and offered Karl my arse which he loves to fuck so didn’t need asking twice and offered my pussy to Coby’s fingers as they were nearly as big as a cock, Karl pushed his cock into my arse and Coby pushed two fingers in my soaking wet pussy, even his fingers felt soft as I pushed down on them while he played with my clit with his thumb Karl came inside me very quickly and I pressed down onto Coby’s fingers and ground out another orgasm.

As I started to move we both suddenly realised it was 3.30pm and we had to be back at the coach for 4pm.

I hastily kissed Coby and thanked him and said I would be back again if he would have me, dear lady he replied you have to come back again so you can complete the fantasy of having my cock in one hole and your boyfriends in the other.

I kissed his cheek and said one day, as we walked down the stairs I could hardly feel my legs my body was wobbling from so many orgasms and the stretching of my pussy.

We decided the best option was to flag a taxi back to the coach so we didn’t miss it.

We got there just in time and as I got on the coach I could still feel my own cum dripping down my leg.