Written by Oralvirgin

8 May 2016

Sitting in my car in a layby rubbing my cock. The sun was out and I wanted my cock out to.

While I'm sat there I'm approached by "Paul" he says its hot, at which point he leans his hand into the car and rubs my cock, sqeezing my balls while kissing and licking my hand which was propped up outside.

He then slid his hand up my tee shirt and rubbed my nipples which by now were like my cock, rock hard.

He asks if I wanted to follow him to a more private location, 5 minutes later I'm walking behind him into a wooded area. He turns and grabs me, pulling me into him. Then to my shock we start kissing, his tongue pushing through into my mouth and exploring. His hand then drops and he unbuttons my jeans and slids his hand inside. I tell him I'm a novice but that doesn't bother him.

My jeans drop to the ground, no boxers on for me. My cock is solid and his hand is sliding up and down it.

I undo his jeans and pull them down and take hold of his thick cock. His makes my look small and all I want to do is suck it. I bend over and take it fully in my mouth, as I do I feel his finger playing with my arse, I take his cock out briefly and tell him to finger me, I go back and carrying on sucking his cock. As I do I feel two fingers push into my arse. I'm in heaven.

The sun is beating down in me, I'm sucking my first cock, taking the whole rock had cock without gagging while be fingered. I felt my arse get wet and his cock pulse....I needed this cock.

He then took his fingers out of my arse and gave it a fucking hard slap then he said, novice, you're doing good for a novice.

I didn't care I was in heaven I had his cock in my mouth. He pulled me back up and started to wank me then he dropped and started to suck my cock, his slow movements inviting me to move with him.

He stood up and started kissing me again, I slid my hands down onto his cock and arse, I was playing with his balls and cock while giving Paul an fingering...I felt a small trickle of precum slip out of my cock and Paul wiped it up with his finger and took it in his mouth.

Paul pushed me back down to his cock, I needed to taste his hot cum and feeling in my mouth....I worked his cock like I'd done this before, I took his shaft whole snd let it hit the back of my throat then just gently rocked back and forth while rubbing his balls and playing with his arse....

This was going to end messy.....