Written by Travisjames

22 Jan 2009

I joined the site after being told about it by a couple I met dogging! But that’s another story. Having read lots of very horny stories I thought I would share my first experience of dogging. Not a very exciting for you maybe but an amazing experience for me.

I have always been intrigued by the thought of dogging and from time to time tried local dogging spots to look for some action, but never seemed to get lucky. But one sunny afternoon whilst out cycling at Newlands Corner my luck changed forever!

As per usual I was half out for a bike ride and half hoping to see some dogging, so I was cycling back and forth quite a bit and noticed one car had a guy stood outside it and he was looking very shifty. As you can imagine curiosity got the better of me and I rode closer to the car, and too my surprise the guy had his cock out and was wanking furiously! All I could see inside the car was a man and a woman just sat there. I have to admit I had a few butterflies and so cycled a bit further up and then turned round for another ride by. Sure enough the guy was still wanking and seemed indifferent to my attention, so with my stomach doing flips I cycled as close as I dared to the car, just to see what had him so excited. I could see an older couple in the car, I should explain I was 26 and this couple were late 50’s early 60’s, the woman had her top hoisted up and her tits out of her bra.

At this point there was no point trying to be discreet so I moved to the side of the car smiled at the couple and the guy, all of whom returned the smile but carried on. My cock was rock hard and even though the woman was not stunning by any measure, there she was exposing herself and quite happily watching someone wank whilst looking at her. I laid my mountain bike down and stood there uncertain as to what to do next, the thought of wanking whilst another guy was, was unnerving but this was what I had been waiting for. The lady looked toward me and smiling said “go on love show us your enjoying the view” I went bright red as if caught doing something wrong and nervously said I was sorry and that this was my first ever dogging experience. All the time feeling more and more embarrassed!

Fortunately everyone just chuckled and the guy stood wanking not 5 feet from me introduced himself as Gavin and said “everyone has to start somewhere” which put me at ease, slightly! With a feeling of self consciousness I began to rub myself through my jeans and continued to stare at her large exposed tits. The whole thing felt incredibly surreal and extremely horny, even having a guy next to me wanking! I moved closer to the side of the car to get a good view of the action and noticed the lady was wearing a short skirt which had been pulled up so that her panties were on show. I was now so hard that I needed to get my cock out and rub it properly; the older guy in the car laughed and commented on how I was not so shy anymore. As I pulled my cock out of my flies and exposed it to everyone all feelings of embarrassment were left behind and I was totally focused on enjoying the fantastic view before me. I think the woman sensed my needs because she began to run her hands all over her thighs and over her panties. This must have been too much for Gavin as he made some strange sound and then proceeded to shoot a thick wad of cum all over the ground in front of him, the couple really seemed to enjoy this and the lady said thank you and examined the large load on the ground. Gavin quickly covered himself up and after thanking the couple was on his way. Which left me standing there wanking in front of a couple on my own for the first time, A feeling which had me gagging to cum! The lady said I could get a bit closer, which I did but I wasn’t sure of the rules so I kept my hands to myself, well my cock anyway. My cock was now leaking the first signs of me cumming and I could feel my balls tightening, and with my increased wanking I remember the lady saying “Go on show me, show me how much you really want to cum!” Those words and the sight this older woman exposing herself to me was all too much and I came, a somewhat impressive load (By my standards at anyway) and very satisfying. The couple both laughed and commented on how easily I had taken to dogging, which was re assuring and then said thank you and left. Which left me stood there dumbstruck by the experience, and turned on by the fact we didn’t even know each other’s names!

Needless to say after such an amazing introduction to dogging I was hooked! And have since had many more encounters!