Written by funavatar

9 Oct 2012

I am not hardcore swinger very new on scene. Last year I joined swinging heaven and since than I am safely enjoying my life. I had few encounter with some gorgeous woman which I still often see them . I always wondered having a bi sexual threesome with couple . Also I was very curious how woman take so big cock to there asses as well as man . I was really wanted to take big cock up my very tight ass.

Last week I met couple with bi male . Very beautiful couple . Woman was 23 and guy was 31 . I met them at their place had few drinks and str8 to there bedroom . They both strip me off as I was tipsy . She opened my cock and put my cock in her mouth she sucked me for a while . They asked me to be in doggy style posture and they both start playing with my cock . Guy spread my bum cheek and checked my ass hole and asked me that have I ever taken anything to my ass ..my answere was no..I can see evil smile on his face .

Now time to reveal himself to me and she closed my eyes and asked me to open my mouth ...she asked me to open more bigger ..I stretched mouth as I can ..guy put his cock on my lips ...and asked me to take his cock in my mouth...omg believe me girth of cock was too thick and it wasn't fitting in my mouth she hold my head pull my hairs towards the cock and slowly it went in my mouth tightly .....I love it but not really enjoyed it as it was too big.

Next guy started putting condom on cock and in my mind I am thinking this cock will never fit in my ass no matter what happens .. I asked him not to fuck me today as I can't take this cock as I am ass virgin . They both convenience me that there will be always a first time .

Well I surrender my self to them .. I was on there bed and she lift and spread my legs ....and put her tongue in my ass ...omg I never had this feeling I love the way she rimmed me .... I asked her to keep doing this ... 20 min later ... Time to face cock in my ass... I can see cock thicker than deo over 8 inch ready to get shove in my ass...

She sat on my face , hold my legs back ward , guy put lot of gel in my ass hole and start rubbing his cock in my hole ... Feeling was good as my tongue was inside her dripping pussy ... She sat on my face with her both legs on my each hand and she was pulling my legs behind ... He slowly tried to push cock in my tight hole ... Omg I really love that pleasure pain...he asked me to hod my breath as he gonna push his full cock at once ..I said ok and pushed his full cock in ...omg ..I was in extreme pain ...half fainted ...no fun no pleasure and I beg him to take the cock out pls..but he started throbbing his cock in out slowly which I started liking little bit ... He kept on doing this for few mins and I really started loving this with pain...

Honestly I love it...he was putting lot of gel ..and gel was easing my pain... She sitting on my face ..kissing him and he is fucking me ...my god ...what a feeling.

He fucked me very very long my ass hole was sore bleeding ... I can't even ask him to stop she sitting on face ... Anyways he fucked me badly for around half and hour ...I can feel the heat of friction burning my ass ..!!!!!

He took the cock out and take off the condom , while she sat on the my he started fucking her pussy ...big moaning and he cum inside her pussy ..she still sitting on my face ..he took the cock off and she back to my mouth with her pussy ...and asked me lick her pussy...I inserted my tongue and can feel the hot cum rushing out to my mouth and she squeezed all the cum to mouth from her pussy...oh I love it ...and she rub her dripping pussy all over my face ! I love it..

She asks me to fuck her ass and cum. inside and fucked her ass and cum inside ... And guy licked her ass with my cum ....wow ...

I thanked both of them for so good time ..had shower and back to home... And I will never ever forget this couple and lovely encounter .. And I love to do it again !!!!!!