Written by John-allen

14 Oct 2013

Married life was a bit dull after all the years and I was looking for something a bit more exciting, but I didn’t know what. I came across the Swinging Heaven site by accident really, but the contents interested me.

I started by looking at all the posts, but after a while realised that the ones that interested me were quite a surprise. MY wife and I watched a porn over the years and she was always turned on by gay and she-male porn, and enjoyed watching the guys sucking, fucking and seeing their spunk jetting out, the more the better. It always made her really wet, but often she would cum before I could fuck her.

As we watched she would ask me if I would like to suck a cock, wank a guy off or take a cock myself, which I did. It certainly made me hard thinking about it.

Although she didn’t know, I had been meeting a guy we both knew (he was our hairdresser) as he had been pressuring me for some time to join him in a one to one. He has a vast collection of porn which he used to let me borrow, so he had an idea of my interests.

When sat in the chair he would press up against me and I could feel his hard cock against my thigh so I knew what he wanted. As I had his mobile I used to text him and these got more and more explicit, we were both enjoying the exchange. We then started speaking on the telephone and git to the point where we would wank off together, an experience that I enjoyed.

On the pretext of needing some help with his computer, he asked me over to his place. He was on his own on Mondays and as I worked close by it was a quick journey. And when I got there I did as he asked, but found that the problem he had with his computer, lack of internet access, was because there was no connection. He knew this, so used it as an excuse.

He took my hand and pressed it against his crotch, and I felt his hard cock, but was not ready for this at the time, do made my excuses and left.

Our texts and telephone conversations continued, and a few weeks later, I agreed to visit him again. This time I decided that I might pick up where we left off last time.