Written by John-allen

15 Oct 2013

Before I managed to go back to see Chris, he invited my wife and I over for an evening meal with his family. It was very pleasant, and although driving, I had a couple of glasses of wine. After the meal, Chris asked if I would like to take a look at his collection of porn mags which were upstairs in the martial bedroom.

We left the wives chatting with the two children, and went up to the room. He got out his collection of magazines, and handed me some to take a look at. I had sometimes got hold of some before but nothing like this. Chris not only had a vast collection of great porn videos, but of magazines as well.

Needless to say, not having seen anything as horny as this before, the corner street stuff I had got was not really that good, all posed etc., it wasn't long before I had an erection. Chris noticed, and before I knew it he had my hard cock out and went down on me, sucking my cock and stroking my balls. All the time I could hear the two wives chatting downstairs with the children (although they were young adults) as he sucked away, taking my cock deep down his throat. I responded, and as he sucked away, played with my balls, I grabbed his head and pulled him down even further, enjoying every moment. He was good, and knew what to do!

It wasn't long before I shot my load in his mouth and down his throat. After a

few minutes, we went downstairs and carried on as if nothing had happened.

We continued to exchange texts and phone calls, and wanked off over the phone but I didn't get back to see him his home.

My wife and I continued to visit his salon regularly, and although he hinted at what had happened, it wasn't mentioned at these visits.

But things were quite different when I changed jobs....................