Written by Lonely girl

5 Dec 2017

I’m Paula, I’m 26 and single, I was married for a year to a man who turned out to be a pig. He made me feel so insecure and went nuts if I wanted to go out with friends plus he made me feel inadequate because I have small breasts and hated the fact that I love going to the gym to keep in shape telling me that I did it for attention and that I wanted to fuck someone at the gym. In the end I walked out but it was the best decision I could have made. I met someone else but he also started to put pressure on me to have a boob job. In the end I decided that it was best to stay single. But I missed sex so much or should I say, I missed being intimate with someone.

I shared this with my friend to recommended I register with a fuck buddy site so I could have no strings attached sex with whoever took my fancy. I made contact with a few guys but through lack of confidence didn’t go through with the meeting, I started to feel really insecure until I had a message from someone who had seen my photo baring all, It was a woman called Tina. Tina is 45 and lives about 45 miles from me. I wasn’t looking for a relationship with a woman and neither was she but she told me that she wanted a woman for her husband.

It turns out that they have a great sex life but one of her fantasies was to watch her husband fucking another woman, Tina wanted to take control and dominate a woman and her husband and apparently as soon as they saw me the decided that I was who they wanted. I ended up telling her all about my prev relationships and how they dominated me and that I didn’t want that again but she convinced me that this time it would be on my terms and it would make me feel great about myself again so I agreed to meet. To be safe I agreed to meet in a hotel about 50 mile from my home, I told my friend all about it and she came with me so she could see them but stayed at a distance. I waited and nearly ran off a few times until they walked in and introduced themselves to me. They were exactly as I expected from the photographs, he was handsome and tall and she was very pretty, well built with much larger breasts than mine.

They were so nice and gentle with me making me feel at ease. Then Tina asked me if I was happy to go up to the room. I knew I had to make a decision about whether I wanted to go ahead with this, I looked over at my friend she had a big grin on her face and put her thumb up before getting up and going to her room where she would wait for me. In said something really silly which I’m embarrassed about now, I said to Tina ‘ what will we do’. The room was packed with people and quite noisy, she leaned over and put her mouth to my ear and asked if I wanted details , I nodded. She then came closer and said ‘my husband’s going to fuck you’. ‘ we are going to take you to our room and I’m going to rip your clothes off you, then your going to get on the bed on your knees and I’m going to watch him put his shaft in you and fuck you doggy style’. I was so shocked that she went into detail like that, I looked around convinced someone would have heard her, I saw old couples chatting and laughing and I was going to have sex with strangers.

Tina touched my arm and then put her mouth to my ear again and asked if I wanted to hear more, I nodded. She went onto to say that Andrew ( her husband) has had a vasectomy so he’s ‘safe’ and then she said that she wanted him to cum inside me and promised me that he would give me the best orgasm of my life. By now I was having difficulty in breathing, this woman who I had just met in person was talking to me like this, I didn’t know if I wanted to run or stay. Tina then got up, held out her hand and asked me if I was coming with them. I stood up, took her hand and walked to the lift.

When we got into the lift she looked at her husband and laughed, ‘she looks terrified’ she said to him. It did sound funny and we all laughed, then she said out loud (the lift was empty) ‘ I love eating pussy’ . I said I wasn’t a lesbian and she laughed and said either was she and assured me that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want too. We got to the door and he walked inside but Tina took me by the arm and said that if I went in then I was agreeing to be fucked and that she (Tina) was going to pull my clothes off and drag me to the bed to be shagged.

She stepped to one side and put her arm out as though showing me where the room was, part of my brain was telling me to run but the other part wanted to be fucked and dominated by this couple.

I walked in and the door was closed behind me. I was wearing a blouse under a jacket and jeans. Before I had managed to get more that 5 foot into the room my jacket was pulled off and thrown onto the floor, Tina put one hand round my waist and started to unbutton my blouse with the other hand until it was open. As usual I hadn’t bothered wearing a bra and Tina massaged my nipples telling me I was ‘ so fucking hot’ and that he was going to fuck me so hard. Tina kissed my neck and told her husband to take his clothes off, he did as he was told. His body was firm, his penis thick and long. My blouse was pulled off me and my jeans pulled to the floor. As soon as I had stepped out of them Tina pushed me forward and put her hands on my shoulders pressing me to my knees.

‘fuck her pretty mouth’ she told her husband. By now I wanted to be fucked but she wanted me to taste his cock first and I obliged, letting it slide to the back of my throat until I choked, he thrust himself over and over again and I felt his cock sliding over my tongue and I gagged again and again, the two of them holding my head in place. Then he slid out and I was ordered onto the bed and onto my knees. I felt Andrew take his place behind me, Tina whispered in my ear again ‘ your going to love this’ and as she did he opened my legs and I felt his shaft pressing against my pussy. He had to try two or three times before it slid in but when it did it seemed to go on her ever, deeper and deeper. I was gentle, thrusting and putting his hands under me and cupping my breasts. I felt his balls slapping against my bum and I was drifting quickly to an orgasm.

I looked over at Tina, she had already folded my clothes, placed my jeans on a chair and hung my jacket and blouse and was almost naked herself. Her figure was immensely erotic, I had never considered or dreamt of sex with a woman, I knew if a woman was attractive but never desired to have one touch me but Tina’s naked body moved me closer to my orgasm. Her impressive hips, tight tummy, muscular arms and her full, heavy breasts with large deep red almost brown nipples and her shaved pussy. I was being gently fucked by her husband but I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts and they slowly bounced as she walked to the bed.

She lay on her back on the bed, ‘are you having a nice time’ she asked me. I nodded, ‘he’s big isn’t he’ , I nodded again. Tina raised her self onto her elbow and kissed me on the lips ‘ you want to fuck me don’t you’ I nodded. Tina took her breast and offered it to my mouth and said ‘ have a suck, you might like it’. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck, Tina groaned and said ‘ more’ before pressing her breast against my mouth almost filling it, she ordered me to suck harder so I did. Andrew’s thrusting became more urgent and I had my first orgasm of the evening.

He said he was going to cum so She ordered him out of my pussy telling him it was too soon. For the next 15min or so she explored my breasts and tummy and then my pussy with her mouth and it was exquisite and I had my second orgasm of the night. When she had finished she looked at her husband and said to him ‘ fuck her and cum, but fuck her hard’. In a flash he was back inside me and we fucked, his shaft filled me cunt and his tongue filled my mouth, the he exploded inside me, his cum poured into my womb, it was like a hose filled with creamy cum, he grunted and groaned and I came yet again but this time it was painful and amazing. I thought it was over but Tina pushed him to one side and put her tongue deep inside me slurping and squeeling, her tongue reaching every part of me and I couldn’t move, my muscles closed down as I convulsed with pleasure. Then she looked up, her face, her chin covered with her husband scum. She opened her mouth and it was full.

Tina climbed onto me and spat it into my mouth and her tongue explored my mouth and mine hers, her heavy breasts pressing down on my small mounds, her pussy fucking me as her husband had just done. She rubbed herself again me almost violently grunting until she made me cum again and we both screeched and collapsed. I just lay there unable to move so I watched Andrew lift her backside up so he could have access to her pussy. He entered his wife and fucked her until the last of his cum poured out.

Tina, Andrew and I fucked again that night but they have more energy than I do so the third time I just lay there and let them use my body as they wanted.

Now I am obsessed and owned by them, they can have me as they want and I want so much.