Written by Charlotte

11 May 2016

At long last a bit of sunshine, warmth and the chance to drive down to the coast, strip off, sunbathe nude, start my tan and with a bit of luck, find a guy or two to join me and my husband Pete, for a fuck session in the extensive dunes behind the beach for the first time this year. At least that was the plan until the car broke down the day before. Instead of the story I hoped to be writing I thought you might like to read about my first time, last summer.

Going to the dunes for sex was something we did, six times last summer but it wasn't until the last visit that I was fucked while Pete watched. Initially our only intention had been to find a secluded spot and have sex. We'd fucked outdoors before and enjoyed it, but always in woods or fields where we'd see or hear anyone approaching. The fact that in the dunes we wouldn't see, and probably wouldn't hear, anyone about to discover us added to the excitement.

Before the first visit we discussed in general terms what we would do if caught. A lot would depend on the actions of the person catching us, but if it was positive we decided we both wanted to be watched. Pete was eager to see another guy fuck me and I agreed provided I fancied the guy. We had high hopes of being watched but I'm fairly certain that we weren't seen until our last visit. That was disappointing because our research had suggested that men often went there to watch couples fucking with the hope of being invited to participate. Finally we succeeded in September.

We'd arrived early afternoon, gone to a spot we hadn't used previously, a bit closer to the beach. There I stripped and lay on my towel nude. Sheltered from the light breeze, enjoying the warm sunshine on my naked body was relaxing. I watched Pete, take off his shorts, his fairly large 7 inch cock, already semi erect, swinging between his legs. I licked my lips in anticipation of sucking him hard and feeling him inside my cunt fucking me.

The previous time he'd managed to get hard and fuck me three times in one afternoon. Pretty good for a man in his forties I think and was some compensation for not being watched or fucked by another guy. I lay with my eyes shut, while he poured lotion on to my 38dd tits. I'm forty years old, but my tits are still round, reasonably firm, certainly perky enough to go braless on occasions. Laid on my back they flattened a bit, but I was enjoying, Pete's slippery fingers, rubbing the lotion onto them and playing with my nips. He poured more lotion on my tum, rubbed it in, hand moving closer and closer to my shaved pussy. He stopped when his fingers reached my smooth mound, poured lotion on my legs, did them in turn, before dripping lotion on to my pussy.

I propped myself up, opened my legs for him and watched as he spread the lotion onto my hairless mound, rubbing it into my skin. He began caressing my already swollen clit. I opened my legs wider, sighing as he slid a couple of fingers into my moist fuck hole. My sex juices began to flow, he pushed a third then a fourth finger in, using his thumb to rub my clitoris. His cock was in reach, and I began to wank him getting him fully erect. Suddenly he stopped fingering me, “Don't stop. I'm nearly there” I sighed, putting my hand on his, attempting to get his fingers back inside my pussy. “We're being watched. There's a guy hiding in the grass, looking right between your legs” he whispered, moving his hand on top of mine, pressing my fingers into my cunt, suggesting I should let the guy watch me masturbating.

Aroused, already close to cumming, I sat up. Eyes half shut, trying not to look directly towards where Pete said the guy was, I began to masturbate. It took me several seconds before I saw the guy, and only then because he moved his head, peeping out from an indentation, almost hidden by the thick tufts of grass, near the top of the dune only 15 or 20 yards away. It was hard to tell but he looked in his twenties. Pretending I hadn't seen him I opened my legs wider. I think that brazenly exposing my cunt, openly masturbating was probably the horniest thing I'd ever done. It was amazingly exciting to be watched wanking by a complete stranger.

Turned on by my wanton behaviour, I spread my legs as I wide as I could, reached down, gripped my fleshy labia and pulled my hole open, lewdly displaying my pink, wet cunt to the guy. I held myself open long enough for him to get a good look before pushing four fingers into my pussy. I continued masturbating, wondering if he had his cock out and was wanking with me and could hear my cunt squelching as I finger fucked myself. Pete leant over and began to suck my erect nipples. I moaned, moved my fingers from my cunt to my clitoris and began to vigorously frig it. I was getting close to cumming, reached for Pete's, throbbing cock. “I want your cock. Fuck me” I gasped, turning over and around, getting on all fours, facing the guy.

Pete moved behind me, pulled my legs wider apart, slid his cock into my sodden cunt and began to fuck me with long slow deep thrusts. He began to tease my anus, with a finger. “Umm, that's nice, fuck me harder” I sighed. He pulled his cock almost out and began to fuck me harder and a bit faster. He fucked me for about half a minute, building my orgasm, while I strained to see if the guy was still watching. “Why don't you call him down. If you like the look of him suck him off or let him fuck you” Pete suggested, voicing what I'd been thinking and about to say myself. A quick look over my shoulder was enough to confirm he was serious “Can I?” I asked just to be sure. He grinned, nodded and said to go ahead if I wanted too. “Don't stop fucking me” I told him turning my head towards where the guy was hiding in the grass.

If I hadn't known he was there I would have had difficulty spotting him. I saw his head move, to the left of where I was expecting, his sandy hair, similar in colour to the dune blowing in the light wind. “Come down and join us” I called. Nothing happened for several seconds. “We don't mind you watching” I encouraged. That did the trick, he raised his head, then to my surprise a second head appeared a few feet away, where I been looking originally. I'd thought there'd been one guy who'd moved for a better view. It didn't occur to me to ask Pete what he thought about two guys fucking me, especially once I got a proper look at them walking towards me. Young, as I'd thought, late teens, early twenties, both fit looking, muscular legs, slim with broad shoulders. Surfers I found out later.

Pete had almost stopped fucking me, moving his cock slowly in and out, waiting to see what I intended to do. I could see the lust in their eyes, glanced at their crotches and the bulges in their shorts, one noticeably larger than the other. I was feeling incredibly horny and in control as I asked them to show me their cocks. The power of pussy or the possibility of getting some pussy I suppose. They hardly hesitated, pulling their shorts down, stepping out of them showing me their hard cocks. It was gratifying to know that it was seeing me naked and fucking which had, had that effect.

They pulled their t-shirts off and walked closer, stroking their erections. The one guy was about an average 6 inches, the other larger than Pete, probably 8 or 9 inches. I knew one thing, I wouldn't be leaving until they'd both fucked me. I wasted no time, other than asking their names, before telling them I wanted to suck their cocks and have sex with them. Pete slipped his cock from my cunt and sat to one side, watching as I knelt in front of Curtis, the guy with the largest cock and his mate Marc. Pete grabbed his phone and started to video me. I've often watched the video since and though I've seen it numerous times, always end up masturbating and cumming.

My tits swayed as I shuffled closer and took a cock in each hand, stroking their shafts. A pair of rock hard, virile young cocks to play with and satisfy me. I couldn't resist leaning forward to give them a tentative lick. I ran my tongue up the underside of Marc's cock, from his balls to his glans circling his glans with the tip of my tongue, before licking up to the tip. I took just his knob in my mouth, gave it a quick suck, before turning my attention to Curtis's prick.

While I'd been exploring Marc's cock with my tongue, Curtis had resumed wanking. If anything his cock looked even harder and bigger. I cupped his heavy balls, squeezing them gently, while I studied his thick, heavily veined shaft, and the large purplish bulbous knob end. I noticed the clear liquid oozing from the eye, lubricating his glans as he wanked. Deciding it was probably the largest cock I'd ever had, I stopped wasting time, sucked his balls, before licking up his shaft, tasting the slightly salty flavour of his precum as I took his beautiful cock between my lips.

I began to suck him into my mouth, lips tight around his girth, taking about half his length before starting to bob my head up and down, sucking greedily on throbbing prick. Marc stood wanking next to me, rubbing his cock against my face. Reluctantly I let Curtis's cock slip from between my lips and began giving Marc head. He felt small after Curtis and after giving him a perfunctory suck, selfishly I resumed blowing Curtis. Pete had realised where my interest lay. “Why don't you fuck her?” he asked Marc. Telling me to get on all fours and Curtis to lie in front of me.

While Curtis laid down I moved onto all fours, legs apart. I felt Marc's hands on my bum, then his cock touching my sex, sliding along my slit. “Just put it in and fuck me” I almost snarled at him. He quickly guided it into my hole and began to shag me. I immediately lowered my head, devouring as much of Curtis's cock as I could manage, gobbling him ravenously. He had considerably better control than Marc, who after only fucking me for a minute or two came and pulled out.

Desperate to feel Curtis inside me, I climbed on top of him. With Marcs spunk dangling from my pussy, dripping onto Curtis, I positioned myself over his rampant prick. Holding his cock I lowered myself, guiding his pulsing prick into my sloppy, spunk sodden cunt. Despite having been penetrated by both Pete and Marc, Curtis's bulbous knob opened me, his much thicker shaft stretching my pussy deliciously as he entered me. I moaned with the pleasure of being so deeply penetrated and exquisitely filled by his young cock. Resting my hands on his shoulders, savouring the moment I began to grind my cunt and against his pubis, rubbing my distended clitoris against his wiry pubes.

I felt Pete's hand on my back, pushing me forward. I found out why when I later watched the video, some taken close up, of my slurping and squelching cunt, filled by Curtis's cock, as he fucked me. Curtis put an arm around my neck, pulling me down, raising his head and began sucking my erect nipples.

I started to ride him, lifting my bum until his cock almost slipped out before lowering myself. His cock slid in and out smoothly, arousing and exciting me. I took my time, enjoying the sensation of having such a large hot throbbing cock inside me. Each time I rose he gripped my nipple between his teeth, biting it, stretching it both painfully and pleasurably. After about 10 minutes of fairly gentle fucking I wanted it harder. I rode him faster. Riding him roughly I felt the first flutters of an imminent orgasm. I told him to suck and bite my nipples harder as I moved one hand from his shoulder, between my legs and began to rub my clitty furiously. I felt myself flushing, the warmth spreading out from cunt. I half screamed and moaned as I sat up, pulling my nipple free of his teeth. I rode him harder, wanted him to cum, fingering myself, demanding that he fuck me, give me his spunk and cum inside me. I was close to climax, head thrown back, nipples erect, poking out proudly, my heavy, flushed tits swinging and jiggling as bounced on his cock. I felt him thrusting in to me, his cock pulsing inside me as he grunted he was cumming. My whole body seemed to shudder as one orgasmic wave followed the other each time his twitching cock pumped more spunk into my cunt.

I sat on top of him, as he twitched his cock inside me forcing the last drops of semen into my pussy. I was still savouring what I'd done, as I calmed down, his softening cock still inside me when I heard Pete say he wanted to fuck me, asking Marc to video him. It hadn't crossed my mind that he would want to have sex with me after I'd been fucked by another man. If that's what he wanted I wasn't going to argue and it was a nice way to thank him for letting Curtis and Marc fuck me.

I slid off Curtis, raising my bum, glancing at Pete, whose cock looked even harder than usual as I offered him my cunt. After Curtis, my fuck hole was loose and Pete entered me with ease. He began to fuck me, commenting what an incredible sensation it was sliding his cock, into my spunk drenched cunt, describing how it was oozing out as he thrust into me. I had no reason to doubt him. I could feel the mixture of spunk and my copious sex juices running down my thighs, more being forced out as he fucked me. Curtis was still laid in front of me, his almost flaccid cock, coated in my juices, resting invitingly on his thigh. While Pete fucked me I licked my juices off Curtis's cock before taking it in my mouth, sucking it, hoping I might get him hard again.

There were some hopeful signs that he was responding, but after ten years marriage, Pete knows all the buttons to press to get me going and make me cum. Nibbling my neck, playing with my nipples, reaching between my legs to stroke my clit and finally, inserting a finger up arse, wiggling it against his cock, through my cunt walls as he fucked me deep and hard, were enough to distract me. He teased me, bringing me to the brink of orgasm three times over the next 15 minutes before ramming his cock in to me rapidly, ejaculating as I climaxed, adding his seed to the spunk cocktail, saturating my cunt.

Afterwards they watched as I squatted in front of them, legs apart, catching their spunk in my hand as it dripped from my sex, licking it off, before pushing my fingers into my hole drawing most of the remaining spunk from my cunt and licking them clean.

When I'd finished Pete took me to one side, told me that I'd been like a bitch on heat with Curtis and had practically ignored Marc, suggesting that I should give them a bit of time, let them fuck me again but pay a bit more attention to Marc. He definitely had a point. I went and sat with Marc, encouraged him to touch and finger my pussy, play with my tits, suck my nipples, while I stroked his cock and occasionally bent over to suck it. It took about an hour before he was fully erect. I lay back, spread my legs for him and he fucked me while the other two watched and wanked.

Marc lasted much longer second time, before he came and whilst I didn't orgasm I pretended I had. Curtis was erect again and fucked me from behind while I sucked off Pete who was particularly pleased with himself, keeping up with the two young guys and getting hard again.

That was about it. While I cleaned myself they dressed. Before they left Curtis gave me his mobile number so I could call him if we were going to the dunes again.

The anticipation of being fucked by strangers again had been building all last week. The car breaking down was a huge disappointment for us both last weekend. I decided to write this to try and cheer myself up and remind me what I still have to look forward to over the summer months.

This year we intend to go out more often, maybe try dogging, rather than trek all the way to the coast. Whatever we decide I want a lot more guys to fuck me.

I hope you enjoyed my story so far. I'll write again and let you know how we got on if you want me too.