Written by Jason Hunt

15 Sep 2010

My wife has had few "extra curricular activities" that we both enjoy and I have started to hope that one day that she will come home with a "take away" for me. The closest I got was going down on her loose pussy within 5 Min's of her being fucked by her fuck buddy, she smelt of sex and his 8.5 inch cock had really loosened her up. I have mentioned my fantasy to her and although she thinks it's strange she says she will bear it in mind. To be honest she didn't know what a cream pie was so using Google Images on my phone sent her a text with a picture of a shaved pussy with a big dollop of cum dripping into a blokes mouth! Now she knew what I wanted to do!

To cut a long story short I'm still waiting for my "take away" cream pie although last night we were having a particular good fuck as my wife had been away on a hen weekend and pulled a 29 year old (she is 37) and sucked him off in a cab! As I was feeling ready to cum I said to her as soon as I empty my load into you (I was on top) I'm gona lay down and I want you to sit on my face. She said "yes OK". (In the past as soon as i had emptied into her cunt i lost the inclination to eat my cream pie) I started to erupt into her cunt and laid down, she spun round holding my cum inside her and sat on my face, big dollops of my cum mixed with hers (she is a massive cummer herself) dripped out of her cunt into my mouth and then I cleaned up the rest. I have two regrets, the first I wish it was another blokes heavy load and two I wish I had filmed it,I guess there is always next time. I would love to read any of your cream pie stories.