Written by Josie32

10 Sep 2016


I thought I would share what brought me to this site.

Hubby and I were not getting on so well and he was away on a business trip. Some friends had invited me to a summer ball type party and I thought I would go along to cheer myself up. I like to dress well as it makes me feel sexy and I put a summer dress on above and a black body with suspenders and a black thin knicker below set off with some cream style shoes to match my stockings.

The party was fun and I drank my wine as I chatted with the couple who invited me. I went outside to chat to hubby on my mobile and after I did so a smartly dressed black man came over and said that if I was his wife he would not send ,me out on my own. I laughed and he asked if I would join him for a nightcap at the hotel round the corner where he was staying and I thought why not?

We sat at a secluded table and chatted as I sipped the drink he bought me. The alcohol seem to go to my head as I just reached across and stroked my stocking top through my dress. It felt so good and felt even better as he kissed me. Come to my room he said and it felt like a command.

When we were in the room he unzipped my dress and it fell to the ground. I stood there in my lingerie and stockings as he kissed me deeply and stroked my pussy through my knickers. I unzipped his fly and held that proud rigid cock in my hand or as much of it as I could hold! I knelt down and took its head in my mouth so much bigger more erect and rougher than hubby's.

He motioned me over to the bEd and expertly slipped off my knickers and then licked my pussy lips. Then he adjusted my position so he could penetrate me and held one stockinged leg up as he gave me all of it in one deep push. Oh! I gasped. I want to fuck you doggy style so I can see you arse legs and stockings whilst I fuck you he said and did exactly that. He kept up a good strong rhythm before cumming so strongly.

Later he fucked me again....