Written by Lipspreader8

8 Sep 2010

My first kiss and more.

I had been talking to this T girl for awhile and arranged to meet her, I went to her place and it was arranged that she would blindfold me then strip me naked and do exactly what she wanted to me.

She looked fantastic in a short dress, holdups wig and make up she could easily pass for a female.

Well she blindfolded me, then ran her hands over my body removing my clothes as she fondled my chest, shoulders, then down to my lower region.

When I was completely naked she fondled me and sucked my cock into her sweet mouth cupping my balls.

My hands fell to her head and rested them on the back of her hair, gently feeling her hair.

She came back up and led me to the bed where she laid me on my back, taking my cock in her hand and gently massaging it.

I sensed her head was close to mine then he hand rested on my cheek and she turned my head a little.

I sensed that her head was very close to me as I could hear her breathing.

I slipped my hand up and rested it on her hair. Then without giving anything another thought that this was a male, I drew her head towards me and kissed her pulling her lips tighter to mine and snogging her then I opened her mouth with my tongue and French kissed her, tongues intwined this went on for about three or four minutes.

God I can’t believe I did that, it was better than a lot of real girls I have French kissed.

She then laid on her back and she got me to put my arse on her face, then she rimmed me and pulled my cheeks apart then with her two thumbs, she opened my hope and inserted her tongue pushing it as far as she could into my hole.

I was in heaven and without even thinking about a thing I lent forward and took hold of her cock and put it in my mouth gently licking and sucking then slipped my mouth over it’s length and got as much of it down my throat till I gagged then tried again and again till I succeeded getting as much as I could down my throat five and a half inches out of the seven inches she had to offer. All the time I was secretly hoping she would cum in my mouth so I could taste for the first time.

Whilst I had as much as I could get in my throat I slipped my hands under her arse and pulled her cheeks apart sliding my fingers onto her button, this made her buck a little which made a little more of her cock go in my mouth. Still secretly thinking please cum in my mouth so I would have to swallow every last drop.

If anyone said I would kiss another male or suck another cock I would have said no way, but by fuck she was tasty.

Then she said kneel on the bed and she knelt in front of me and took hold of my cock and put it against her button and told me to push, I didn’t need to be told to push.

It slipped right in and I pulled out again.

I moved the hem of her dress over her arse and got hold of her hips and fucked her sweet tight little arse for all I was worth then I came shooting deep inside her.

She got off the bed and as she stood at the foot of the bed, I removed the blindfold and she was catching my cum from her arse and eating it from her fingers. She then took hold of my cock and licked me clean.

Then we sat and chatted for awhile, while I got dressed and we both agreed we would like to do it again, but that’s another story and without the blindfold.

I will most likely go back again for some more of the same