Written by sarahlewis

23 Apr 2014

Hi Again, I joined Swinging Heaven becouse of an experience I had a couple of months ago. I have never considered myself to be a lesbian or anything like it in fact I'm happily ( but frustrated) married but have to admit that I find women's bodies more attractive than men's. In Feb of this year hubby was away on business as usual so I treated myself to a weekend at a health club. It was very quiet only a few people there and mostly couples. One evening at dinner a somewhat 'boyish' girl came in. Let me describe her. Crew cut hair, tattoo on her arm quite muscular but slim and with a very pretty face. She smiled at me sat close by and that was that. The next evening I was in the pool which only had dimmed mood lighting so was quite dark and in comes this young woman in a bathing suite. I'm about 5'5" slim and a size 34b, I used to model lingerie for catalogues . Emma is 6' 2" ish and I would say was quite flat chested but large nipples. When she saw me she smiled said hi and climbed into the pool. After a while of chatting I noticed that whenever I moved she would move close to me brushing herself against me, if it was a man I would find it uncomfortable and complain but I let it go. She asked if she made me feel uncomfortable and I told her that she didn't. That's good Emma said, I see your married, straight women sometime find me intimidating. I asked why and she told me she was a lesbian but then again I have had plenty of married women. I think I blushed because she laughed and promised not to pounce on me. Without thinking I told her not to worry, thinking back I must have given the wrong impression. I got out of the pool and went to the Jacuzzi followed closely by Emma. By this time everyone else had left the pool area and we where on our own. The jacuzzi was dark, warm and quite low so you had to almost stand to see into the pool area. Emma sat so close to me that our legs where touching, she asked if I was ok with her touching me, I thought she meant our legs so I said I was. With that she looked out to see no one was there and pulled down my top. I was so shocked I just sat there whilst she touched my breasts and then started to suck my nipples, I told her I wasn't like that and she just smiled and put her tongue in my mouth and her fingers between my legs. For the next few minutes Emma finger fucked me, sucked my breasts and made me have the biggest orgasm of my life. She made one last check that no one was watching and pulled by costume off and then took her own off and rubber her clit against mine. We rubbed against each other until we both orgasmed again. Only the call of the attendant that the pool was closing made me come to my senses, thank God he couldn't see us. Emma took me back to her room and straight into bed. All I can think of now is having her nipples in my mouth and the taste of her when she pushed my head between her legs and the thought of us grinding against each other. I never believed in multiple orgasms but I must have cum 5 or 6 times. That was the last and only lesbian experience I have had and I cant get it out of my mind. My husband hasn't had so much sex, I think its for me to convince myself that I'm not a lesbian. I love cocks but need to be taken by a woman again.