Written by Guilty wife

15 Oct 2014

I have looked for a place to share my story so you guys have drawn the short straw becouse there is no way I can share this with any of my friends. Lets say my name is Stacy, I'm 48, and even is I say so myself for my age I have a fab figure with breasts men can't take they're eyes off. I'm married with three fantastic kids and a loving husband. I have never looked at another man and most definitely not a woman becouse I am most definitely not a lesbian. But that's where I'm confused. A little while ago I went to a works dinner dance. I'm a solicitor with an established London law firm so as you would expect it was a very posh do. The hotel was very nice and my husband looked gorgeous in his dinner suite. We had a good time and mingled with lots of guests and potential clients including Davina (also not her real name).

Davina is in her mid 30's, very attractive, tall with dark skin and like me had a fab figure, In fact I caught my husband looking more than once. Davina was on her own but was doing good job of mingling and wasn't shy at coming forward. The evening went on and at about 1am hubby was flagging. A lot of guests had either left or gone to their room so hubby decides it was time for us to go up to our room as well. I told him to go and I would be up soon after the last of the guests leave.

My 2am I was also flagging, Davina was by now my shadow. She was funny and very interesting but was telling me that she was fed up of being groped and chatted up so we agreed that I would walk her to her room. We went to the lift arm in arm, the door closed and she put her arm around me, nothing wrong in that I suppose. We finally got to her room, she took my hand as we walked in and closed the door behind me. I wished her good night went to give her a peck on the cheek but she moved and kissed me on the lips.

I should have moved away but it lingered a little longer that it should. I have never kissed a woman like that before and I know I have no excuse but I responded and our tongues touched and our kiss turned into a passionate snog. I was so shocked at myself I just went along with it. And then it went further.

Davina unzipped my dress which fell to the ground followed by my bra. I told her I wasn't like that but I can't remember her saying anything. I stood there almost naked whilst she undressed completely. I remember thing how sexy she was, slim with nice firm breasts and big dark nipples. I told her I needed to get back to my husband but again she didn't say anything. She pushed me against the wall and took my breast into her hand and then went down sucking first one and then the other. I was both shocked and in ecstasy, her sucking was hard followed by fast a furious licking and then it happened. She pulled me to the bed, took of my panties and for the first time a woman was between my legs. Her tongue and fingers explored my pussy, my mind switched from horror and guilt to begging for more. I felt the usual ache which I feel before I orgasm with my husband inside me and then it came, the surge of my first orgasm with a woman.

It was almost as though it was someone else, I could hear the long groan and knew it was me. Davina moved up my body to my tummy and then again to my breasts and by now hard and long nipples, her fingers replaced her tongue which was by now exploring my breasts again before moving to my mouth. We made love in the same way I do with my husband but instead of his cock in my pussy hers was rubbing mine. I spent the night exploring her beautiful body, her breasts and shaved pussy tasting her juices never realising before that a woman's juices can be so sweet. We make love for a long time first her on me and then me sliding on top of her. It was so gentle, we held each other tight as our pussies rubbed and the feeling of an most intense orgasm was almost too much.

By 4am I had to leave, I dressed but Davina stayed naked. We had one last passionate kiss, My new beautiful friend took my hand placed it between her legs. My fingers explored her wet pussy one last time before I left and went to my room. He was asleep when I got in an assumed the next day that I had followed him up. We made love before breakfast but I have to be honest with you, I did cum as my beautiful husband came in me but it was thinking of Davina that made it happen.