Written by pete

27 Jul 2012

This true happened to me many years ago, I was eighteen my girlfriend was 18 at that time, we had only played around a bit, but never had sex, as young people did in those days, one evening while we were kissing on the sofa, her mother arrived home early, catching us kissing with my hand inside her top, we quickly jumped apart but too late she saw us.

A few days later her mom, Julie, took me on one side, asking me if We were having full sex, when I replied that we were not, she said that if I promised not to go with her daughter, she would make it worth my while, and did I fancy her, I like any young man certainly did, she was a bit on the chubby side, a nutural blonde like her daughter, and not bad looking for a woman who must have been in her early thirties at the time.

The first time anything happened was a few weeks later, after I had thought that our previous conversation had been just a wind up, she asked me to visit her the followin afternoon when the house would be empty, as she was sure that I was keeping my promise.She answered the dooor wearing a dress buttoned up the front with a number of top buttons undone showing a lot of her cleavage, probably giving me an instant erection, while we sat together drinking coffee she asked if I liked what I could see and if I would like to see more, she stood up and removed her dress showing me her body wearing a black half cup bra, small black panties,suspender belt and stockings, not unusual in those days as horrible tights were only just coming in.

Taking my hand she guided me up to her bedroom,we removed her bra and panties leaving her just in her suspenders and stockings, seeing that I was nervous she took me in hand, wanking me to full hardness, lying on her back she guided my cock into her waiting hole, I was about to lose my virginity, and I'm sure that she realised that, she told me that she was safe as she was on the pill,I pushed hard into her making her sigh and squeel untill far too quickly I cum filling her with my cream, this continued for some months, with her teaching me how to control myself as well as many other things untill one day her daughter nearly cought us, although at every opportunity my hands would go to her boobs or between her legs for a crafty feel, she certainly seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Of course regardless of my promise to her mother not to have sex with her daughter, when the opportunity arrived I couldn't help myself, we were lying on the sofa kissing her small tits were out and she hadlet me remove her panties, my fingers penetrated her working into her untill she was very wet, I was soon fucking her giving her the benefit of everything her mother had taught me.

For some months I continued to fuck my girlfriend while taking every opportunity to play with her mother and sometimes fuck her as well, it was good fun in those days and indeed have many other experiences with both mother and daughter.