Written by You know who I am

30 May 2015

We had been messaging for a week. The messages were flirty and very sexy. Always made me wet. We had agreed to meet for a coffee and see if the attraction was there face to face.

He walked in and there was this stunning man dressed in a shirt and jeans as requested by me. His jeans showed his bulge. He saw me and went to get a drink. Thats when I saw his bottom round and pert and the jewns showed it off perfectly.

We sat and chatted and flirted alot, kissing and stroking I could feel his bulge get bigger. He said I was a tease and needed to be spanked. Well that instantly made me wet. I egged him on further and in the end he stood up and said we are leaving.

We went to a hotel across the street that he booked to stay in. We went to the room as soon as we walked in. He grabbed me and started to undress me. He took great delight in inserting his finger in my wet pussy. He said that I was very wet but had bern naughty so had to receive my punishment. He sat on the bed and layed me across his lap and said I was not allowed to make a sound otherwise my punishment would be harder. He pulled down my panties and caressed my bottom then the slap his my cheek and made me jump. He slapped each bottom cheek 3 times. I yelped on the last one and he tutted and said I was still being naughty and slapped me hard again but this time his hand caught my pussy this excited me and yelped again hoping he would do it again. He did and it felt so good. He inserted 2 fingers and started rubbing my clit hard. He said I needed to be taught a lesson and bought me to a deep climax. He layed me on the bed and within seconds was undressed and on top of me. His cock was hard and at least 8 inches and had good girth. He rammed his cock in me moving me up the bed with each thrust. He sucked my nipples and was biting them which is how I like it. He saw that I was on verge of cumming again he said hold on baby don't cum yet. I was being teased he slowed down and the feeling ebbed away and he started thrusting hard again and again stopped as I was about to cum. He did this for what seemed a life time. The last time he said you can cum now. He thrust deep and hard and I could feel him swell even more and he pumped his cum into me and the force made me scream out and I had another deep body shaking orgasm.

He then started kissing down my body and sucked and licked my pussy until I cum again. He was now hard and turned me over and he probed my bottom before sliding his cock into it and started thrusting and he was saying it was tight and he needed to cum in my bottom and within 5 or 6 thrusts he pumped hard and stilled as his cum squirted into my bottom. He slumped on top of me out of breath and said this was all unexpected but wanted to do it again. We both showered and dressed and he dropped me off at the train station and said he would contact me again. I sat on the train and I received a message saying same time next week. Your arse is mine now. We have met 6 times so far and it gets better every time. Hope you enjoy.