Written by james171178

12 Oct 2017

Thanks for the comments guys, so I have tried to the finish the nights story.

When we reached the pub (in South Cave as it happens) it was very busy, and it was not easy to find a table and seat, but anyway Alice and I sat down in the quietest place we could find whilst Mike went for the drinks. Alice looked fantastic like the cat who had had the cream! We whispered that it was exciting to be in a public place with no one else knowing what had just happened. She told me that this would please Mike as he has another fantasy that maybe we could try on the way back to the motel. Now what did that mean?!

We stayed for just the one drink and Alice said that she thought some guys might have been listening as they seemed to be staring at her. We had been chatting about the evening, but I thought quite quietly, anyway we left to go back to the car.

I got in the back, on my own, and we headed back. However there was a layby on the way and Mike pulled over and told Alice to get in the back with me. Alice just clambered over the seat rather than getting out and said "I told you he had another fantasy!"

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and slid forward, she was wearing a teddy with no pants and spreading her legs Mike leant over and unpopped the buttons on her teddy and traced the lips of her cunt with his fingers and told Alice to start wanking me.

She leant toward me and pulled my zip down and pushed her hand into my pants and started wanking me slowly as I was already hard. She got hold of my other hand and guided that between her legs and my finger joined Mike's in playing with her cunt.

Mike then pulled back and told me to get her tits out. In the confined space it is not easy with hands and arms all over the place, but Mike was giving instructions all the time, telling me to suck her tits, to finger her, to rub her clit to wank her, he was also telling her to wank me faster and suck me and then play with herself, all the time he seemed to be wanking slowly and getting excited particularly when another car pulled into the layby.

Alice froze when the headlights lit up the inside of our car, but Mike told her to lean over and suck my prick. This time Mike was definitely looking out to the other car and telling Alice to keep going and give whoever it was a good eyeful.

I was sure it would not have been possible for anyone to see in really, but Mike then said someone had got out the car and with that Alice screamed for him to drive.

Whatever they had agreed before hand Mike did just that and we drove off.

Mike was saying how brilliant that was, and drove pretty fast back to the motel. We were all in a rush to get back to the room. Mike told Alice to leave herself exposed as we drove into the car park. He drove very slowly round the parking area before coming to a stop. Alice then tidied herself up, just enough so she could walk into the motel. Mike and I had to zip up and get ourselves respectable.

Walking to our room we both had our arms around Alice and feeling her bum. She told us to stop, but in that way that way that she really was enjoying it!

Once inside the room again, Alice went to the toilet and Mike and I started to undress. When Alice came out she had only teddy on and looked amazing. She came over to us and whilst we were still half dressed she got hold of both our cocks and looking at us in turn started wanking us slowly. Telling us what a lucky girl she was to have 2 hard pricks to pleasure her, again!She pulled Mike's pants down and told him to finish undressing and then turned to me and sank to her knees and tongued the inside of my thighs and slowly, oh so slowly, moved to take my cock in to her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on it as she wanked the shaft and how I didn't explode at that point I don't know.

Mike has sat down just to watch at this stage and Alice then said she needed a cock up her cunt and soon. She slid onto the bed spreading her legs wide and drawing her knees up to expose her completely and spread her cunt lips with her fingers. What are you waiting for Mike said and with that I fell on op of her and she got her fingers working to insert me into her cunt. Mike then came over and turned her head to one side and placed his cock into her mouth. She was blowing him hungrily, taking breaths and in between shouting "Fuck me yes fuck me ...."

Having the sight of her blowing Mike so close as I pumped into her I was not able to last as long as I thought I would and started to come, my body must have signposted the coming orgasm as Alice stopped sucking and shouted about letting her have my come deep in her cunt. She also started wanking Mike very fast and as she screamed she was coming I ejaculated into her and within seconds Mike was coming all over her tits. Unbelievable experience. We all seemed to collapse after that. What with the drink and the exertions.

It was not long after that they suggested it best if I leave, but not before Alice and I had a shower together and she gave me one more orgasm by sucking me off in the cascade of water. I was only able to blow bubbles as she had drained me!

I met Alice and Mike several more times and she was the most wonderful sensual lady, maybe tell more if I get the chance later.