Written by Duddinn

5 Nov 2017

Fist of all, excuse my English. I'm Icelandic and English isn't my first language.

I signed up on a dating site here in Iceland, 7 years ago. Had been on it for few weeks, when I saw a profile from a married couple, that were 9 and 12 years older than me. At that time I was 34 years old. Their fantasy was to be with a younger man, who would take good care of the wife (Solla), while the husband (Elli) would sit on a chair and watch.

It had been one of my fantasies, to join a couple, as the third wheel. So I decided to send them a message and tell them what I'd do to Sol. After about 6-7 min, I got a message from Elli, where he told me that my message got their attention instantly. They had received dozens of messages, but non that sounded good. So he decided that I'd meet them in few days. Elli told me how thing would be.

That day came, and I was on my way over to their house. Half way to destination, I got a call from Elli and informed me that some of his co-workers came over to him uninvited, so there were 2 options. Either skip the night and do it later, or keep going and I'd meet Sol on her own. Solla wanted to meet me, so I kept on driving. I picked her up at bus stop closest to their house. I could see that she was wearing a rather thick jacket, a knee length skirt, nylon socks and some boots.

After picking her up, we started talking in the car, mainly about that night. All the sudden, she zipped down her jacket. Absolutely no clothing inside, revealing her 38DD tits and rock hard nipples. "Don't you wanna feel them ?" That's a question, I was not going to let her repeat. Damn, they were natural, but so firm. And very easy to pinch her nipples.

She started to pull up her skirt, revealing her shaved, smooth and wet pussy. I put one hand on her thigh, rubbed it and up to her pussy. She was so wet, I had no problem put 2 fingers straight inside her. She started to moan, but, suddenly she took my hand away. While I was still driving around, she asked me to unzip my pants and pull them down. When my pants were down, she did not hesitate and put her head between my legs and started sucking my cock, while cars were driving pass us. Now I just had to find a spot to park the car. It was late on Sunday evening and one of the hardware stores were closed, we found a good spot at the parking lot.

I leaned the seat backwards and she climbed on top of me and fucked me until I came inside her. That‘s one of the craziest things I‘ve done, when it comes to sex. I let her lay down in the seat and went between her legs and licked her pussy until I made her cum. We cleaned our selves and I drove her home. I could still smell her whe I lay on my pillow at home.

The morning after, I got a message from Elli, where he told me that Solla had a big smile on her face when she came home and asked Elli to fuck her. That totally got him so exited. He asked if I could come to their house tonight. Yeah, sure, no problem.

I rang the bell. When the door was open, Elli stood there, smiled, shook my hand and thanked me for how I treated Solla the night before. I walked in and Solla put her arms around me and kissed me long and deep kiss. After a while, we walked into their bedromm. Just the typical bedroom, big bed, night stand on each side, closets and one chair, that obviously was planted there for this ocation.

Solla started to kiss me and put her hands on my back and ass, while Elli sat down on that chair. I thought I would freak out of stress, but when she kissed me and he sat down, I was so relaxed. We stripped each other clothes and soo we were both naked and she went on her knees to suck my cock. I put her on the bed, opened up legs and licked her pussy, while my hands were all over her. I licked my way to her tits and neck and let her feel my cock rubbing against her pussy. Solla was so dripping wet, that my cock slid very easy inside her pussy. All the sudden, she wanted me to take her doggy style. No problem for me. When my cock was inside her, she asked if Elli could join us. I had no problem with that, even tho it was not „part of the plan“. Then she gave him a signal to come over, so he took his clothes off and went in front of her and took his cock into her mouth. All three of us changed positions several times, until she climbed on top of me, turning her back to me. Reverse-cowgirl. She went up and down on my cock, and her man stood in front of her, with his cock in her mouth. Then she leaned backwards, and all the sudden I felt that Elli was licking her pussy and rubbing my balls and bottom of my cock. A big surprise to me, I had nohting against it, even tho neither me or Elli are bi.

Somehow it exited me so much, that I came inside her. She kept on fucking me, so my cum would drip out of her pussy. Then the unthinkable happened. She went off my cock, into dogging position and asked me to be in front of her, while Elli would take her from behind and filled her pussy too. That was incredible. The athmosphere was so relaxed afterwards. We talked for a while, cleaned our selves and had some drink to cool us down.

When I left, they both gave me a hug and thanked me for amazing night. As you can imagine, that was not the last time I met them . . . . and Solla too, alone.