Written by Bob

8 Oct 2018

Being a single guy, i find it very difficult to connect with couples and actually end up meeting. We get grouped as time wasters and players, but there are some out here that are genuine. I started chatting with this couple not too far away from me. I had seen some pics and both of them looked really sexy. She was a petite sexy blonde. and he was a well toned guy with a great physic. We had been chatting for a while and we finally decided to meet in a pub not to far away from us both. We agreed that if we got on we would then go to their mobile home and have some fun.

I arrived at the pub, feeling slightly nervous and turned on. They were already there, i sat down with them at the table. Lets call them Dave and Sharon. Dave got me a drink, and we started to chat. It was very relaxed and we covered endless topics, we then got onto sex and what we liked and disliked. The subject of bi sexuality was raised. I said id never tried it but was up for anything. By then i was starting to feel very horny. We had been chatting for about an hour, I had just come back from the loo. Dave then said 'so would you like to come back to ours?' Well i wasnt going to turn this opportunity down.

We left the pub and i followed them back to their place. We went in, got some drinks and sat on the settee, there was a awkward silence and Dave said feel free to me. So I leaned over and started to kiss Sharon, her kiss was gentle to start then as my hands wandered over her body she became more passionate. Our tongues explored each others mouths getting deeper and deeper. My hands then found their way between her legs and discovered the warm bare flesh above her stockings. I then heard Dave say shall we move to the bedroom? I looked up to find Dave was naked with a very large hard on.

We were in the bedroom all of us now naked except for Sharon and her stocking and suspenders. I laid on the bed, to find Dave one side and Sharon on the other. I wasnt sure what to make of this, i was very nervous. Then they both started to stroke and play with my now extremely hard cock. Not blowing my own trumpet but i have been complimented on my cock, and there was enough to go round. I then had both of them sucking my cock. I was very turned on by this and it was heaven. We then changed places, Dave laid there and Sharon and I shared his cock, I started to get braver and took his cock all the way down my throat and sucked his throbbing cock. I was loving it. I then went down on Sharons smooth pussy, my head buried between her legs. The next thing i know I felt Dave nudging his cock between my butt cheeks. His cock found its way to my hole,and with a sharp push his very lubed cock found its way deep in my arse. My good it felt good, he then slowly held my hips and slowly started to fuck me. He got faster and faster and deeper and deeper, i started to push back on him wanting more. He fucked me for a good 10 mins, it was then Sharons turn. I laid on my back and she climbed on top of me and i slide my cock into her, Dave then slide his cock into her arse and we both fucked her senseless. It delt good feeling Daves cock rubbing against mine whilst we pleasured Sharon. This got all too much for me and I shouted out im cuming, as in did Dave shot his own load into Sharons arse. We all collapsed in a pile on the bed covered in sweat. After we recovered it was time for me to go. I got dressed and we said our goodbyes.

We agreed we would meet up again soon. (next installment soon ) I had an amazing feeling for a week after, and wanted more cock.