Written by Jas P

5 May 2014

On the screen some firefighters were initiating some a new watch member into the finer ways of gay sex in the cab. In various states of undress there were playing with each others equipment. Already he'd been hosed down so that cum was dribbling down his chest. I could see he was going to be screwed and lost interest.

I have gone into the gay half of the cinema because I like seeing cock and cum and I wondered what it would be like to play with another bloke. Not gay but just curious.

I went through the door to the other screen. An Asian film was showing and an office worker was getting onto the bus at rush hour to go home. Wearing a very short skirt pushing between men it was obvious what was going to happen. It did a man standing next to her started stroking her arse, then hand inside her white silk panties. After initial token resistance she succumbed to his fingers exploring her.

A couple distracted me as they came to sit in my row; a man the other side of a gap and beyond him a woman. Very soon his hand was up her skirt, and I guessed his fingers into her. Her hand fell onto his trousers and she started to stroke. She looked straight at me as she unzipped his trousers, released his cock and started wanking him. Much more interesting than the screen where the girl was now playing with the other passenger's cock. Then the woman in my row bent down, took the man's cock in her mouth and started to blow him her eyes fixed on me. Instinctively my hand fell to my own mound, my hard cock pushing against my pants and started stroking. She lifted her head and gave me a good view of his cock. Looked nice. Big and cut and throbbing. Then she moved into the gap. At once she released my cock and took it in hand rubbing it wonderfully. Now she sat between us she had a cock in each hand. "We're going," she whispered. "If you want more follow us." After a bit more cock fun they got up and left. Nervously, as I'd never gone with total strangers ever before, I followed. I'd dreamed of things like this but never thought it would happen. They were waiting in the street outside. Both in their early forties, perhaps twelve years older than me and looking a very respectable looking couple in the west end for the evening.

Actually they lived only a few tube stops away in Pimlico. The story was he was AC/DC interested in cock fun. Liked being tossed, wanked, sucked by her or men. But not keen on fucking her. Hence me.

So it was that half an hour later I was in their flat sitting next to him on a sofa both our trousers and pants down, his wife wanking one and sucking the other alternately giving us both the oral attention we were enjoying. With some re-arrangement on their part they had me sitting naked with her mouth working his cock whilst mine was in his. I'd never been sucked off by a man but I discovered to my happiness that we blokes after years of wanking ourselves off know exactly how to pleasure cocks. Feeling his lips slipping up and down my cock felt great. Even better watching his wife seeing his wife sucking him off whilst watching me be sucked off by him.

Next came my other doubtful experience for we re-arranged so she was sucking me I watched and felt her lips enclose around me. Soon her head was bobbing away, up and down my shaft. His cock looked swollen, the knob big and blue. There it was in front of my face. I closed my eyes and enclosed my lips around the tip and felt him push the tip hungrily in. The rest of the shaft followed deep inside my mouth. With ecstatic grunts and groans he started fucking my mouth slowly and then more desperately. It was obvious he was soon going to cum. I was sitting up, Julia between my legs and Nick kneeling beside me cock ramming ball deep into my mouth. Julia moved over pulled him out, and opened her mouth just below his cock waiting to receive his spunk. He wanked a few strokes and let out a cry of relief as his cum shot out into her waiting mouth. Inches from my face I watched as spurts of thick cream fell onto her tongue. She looked at me pushed some out on her tongue. It looked gorgeous. She bent down and dribbled it onto my cock rubbed it all over and pulled her skirt and bent over a table welcoming arse inviting me in. I pulled aside her damp panties and slipped my cock in. Slipping in on my pre-cum, Nicks cum and Julia's flowing juices was sensational. I started to pump her. Nick's was still playing with his cock which was still hard and glistening with cum. His hand slid easily over its full length watching his wife being screwed. He walked over and Julia took him in her mouth willing him to come again if at all possible. Seeing his cock slipping in and out of her mouth whilst my cock was moving easily lubricated by his spunk brought me to a desperate climax. I felt my muscles tighten and I pushed hard against her to shoot my seed deep inside her. The release was wonderful and afterwards the both knelt on front of me to lick my cock and savour every drop of our shared juices.