Written by luvmelots

16 Oct 2010

I had been dating my bf for a few months when we decided to move in together. We started getting into it one night after both of us had gotten off work and he told me that he wanted to pleasure me. I usually pushed him away when I would get to that point put he insisted that I didnt.

He started kissing my neck, this alone was enough to make me wet. He started moving down lower to my breasts. His tongue moved across my nipples making them hard and sent chills down my spine. As he moved his tongue lower down my body I couldnt help but shiver in anticipation. Finally he made it down to my pussy, I had just gotten into shaving it clean so it was easy for him to get to. He took his tongue and started down at my slit and in one clean swipe took his tongue upwards towards my clit. He kept in the area of my slit getting whatever juices had already seeped out before. He then moved upwards to the clit. His tongue moved faster than I ever knew one could move. He would go back and forth between slowly licking to a fast figerous licking. Soon afterword he would start to suck on my clit. After about 20 minutes of this I began to feel the urge. I started to push him away like I had done in the past but he held me down and it made me want to come more. At that moment I felt a gushing come from my pussy. He stood up and looked at me for a minute before going back down. He continued to eat me until I had cum multiple times. It was the best feeling in the work. Without skipping a beat he flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He started to pound me as hard as he could, going as deep as he could. I reached my hand down and started to to massage my clit. After a few moments I felt as though I could cum again. Before long his poundings got faster as he hit his climax. We both lay down next to each other in a bed soaked with my juices.

I have never had another night with such pleasure since then. And ever since then I have not been able to have an orgasm unless someone was eating me. It was definately the best experiance that I will never forget. To this day my favorite part of sex is having my pussy licked.