Written by Paula

12 Aug 2015

Hi again, Paula here to finish off my story posted on 14th July. I am a 40 year old married lady, size 12 with 36DD breasts, and shoulder-length strawberry blonde straight hair. Thanks for all your comments, glad you enjoyed hearing about my unusual introduction to sex when I was 30, my boyfriend, now my husband, masturbating on my hairy pussy and between my buttocks. I thought it unusual as after 2 or 3 dates I believed full sex was inevitable and this would have been the case for me if I had not scared off my boyfriend by telling him I was a virgin. However it was great to hear that we are not the only couple to enjoy sex in this way. Geoff, I was pleased to hear that your wife also enjoys similar fun. We still play this way occasionally and before I lost my virginity, we regularly did it this way and sometimes my boyfriend would pump his load between my buttocks. I loved the feel of all that hot spunk on my anus. I think he enjoyed it better than cumming on my breasts - it seemed very naughty and quite dangerous to me, especially when his sticky, sperm-laden ejaculate began to flow down my crack and between my pussy lips until it reached the entrance to my vagina.

However, even with all this sexy play, I was still a virgin at that time - 30 years old and without having had a man's penis inside me. I quickly started the pill and we waited for about a month. It seemed a very long month and I was worried my boyfriend would lose interest. But I need not have worried - as eager as I was to lose my virginity, he was even more eager to (in his words) 'fuck me bareback'. With my limited experience and sheltered life to that point in time, I had to ask him what that meant! I was excited by his response!

In the intervening weeks, we somehow managed to control ourselves but there was a lot of sexy fun and I got heavily spunked on quite a few times. As I was living with my sister we set a date for one afternoon and planned to take off work. The flat would be empty and we could do what we liked. At last the day came. I had been on the pill for almost 6 weeks in the end but now I was finally going to lose my virginity.

He collected me from work and we drove to my flat. Immediately on entering, we started peeling off each other's clothes in a hurry to get naked. By the time I had fumbled with his shirt, he had me down to my bra and knickers. As I peeled his shirt off, he grabbed the left cup of my bra and pulled hard. The metal catch at the back gave way, pinging off the wall and onto the carpet. My breasts bounced vigorously free as he yanked the torn bra from my body and dropped it onto the floor. He moved his mouth towards my firm breasts and clamped his lips over my erect nipples. I struggled to undress him as he sucked hard on my nipples. I could feel the dampness building between my legs. At last and close to my climax, I pulled his zip down and then unhooked his trousers. I pushed them down over his hips and they fell to his feet. Suddenly we were kissing passionately again and his hands were all over me - squeezing my breasts, pressing one hand onto the front of my knickers and sliding the other into them around my back to rub and squeeze my bum. My panties were quite wet by this stage as I'm sure he could feel. He was clearly excited and began pulling my knickers up so that most of the pink cotton material disappeared between my buttocks. Harder and harder he pulled as we kissed until they began to ride into my pussy slit, pressing firmly against my clit. I could no longer take it and cried for him to take them off. In a single movement he yanked the only part of my knickers still visible and I squealed as they ripped apart, the gusset sliding all the way from my pussy slit up between my bum crack and eventually away from my body. I climaxed immediately and in between moans of ecstasy, I cried for him to take me right there in the hallway.

He didn't need any further encouragement and immediately pulled his pants down to reveal an already hard, vertical cock. In my last post I indicated he was over 8 inches in length but at that time his was the first cock I had ever seen and so had no idea if it was bigger than normal. In any case it looked very big to me and I began to worry if my vagina could accommodate it. For him it wasn't an issue and I was getting all of it! With his hands on my bum he lifted me up and pressed me against the wall. I threw my arms around his neck and clung tightly as thrust his cock up against my pussy. I screamed instantly I felt his cock - amazingly he had cleaved apart my vagina opening and his cock had just managed to enter. However, it took a further thrust before my hymen snapped yielding a little blood and some pain for both of us. However, this quickly disappeared and soon he was fucking me hard up against the wall. My virgin pussy could only manage a proportion of his hard penis though but that didn't prevent him trying to penetrate deeper. I climaxed within a minute of being penetrated and my cries spurred him on. He had me pinned against the wall, suspended off the ground and impaled on his wonderfully hard cock. I clamped my legs around him and begged him not to stop. I knew he could maintain his erection and could fuck me again so all I wanted was for him to spunk inside me. I had seen how hard and how heavily he had cum in our previous games and now he was taking my virginity I had to feel his lovely hot cum flood my insides. He got the message and after only 5 minutes of quite intense, vigorous fucking, he gave me what I craved. I gasped in shock and almost passed out as he pumped his seed inside me for almost a minute. I felt the strong contractions of his penis as it exploded inside me, sending strong jets of spunk blasting over and into my cervix. He groaned loudly as he continued to cum in me, while I just squealed with joy.

At last it was over - I was a virgin no longer but what a way to lose it. Of course the afternoon didn't end there and within 15 minutes he was fucking me once again, this time on my sister's bed!! We fucked for the best part of 2 hours and by the time he was leaving he had put 6 big loads of his lovely spunk up me!! What an afternoon and one which was repeated quite a few times. As time passed our sex life became more intense and more daring - but I may just keep that to myself.