Written by Sunflowergirl

22 Jul 2009

I joined the site out of curiosity from following a link on a camper-van site discussing dogging etc. 3 days after placing my joining add, and i'd had phone sex and cam sex. The following day at work i was horny as anything, and a few texts later i was gagging for it. As soon as i finished work i sent him a text asking if he was free.

The 20 minute drive to his house was a blur, aroused,excited and horny. I phoned from the supermarket to get his address, and nervously drove round, parked up and walked in. He took me by the hand, gave me a glass of water to calm the nerves, and on my request took charge to overcome my stage fright! He pulled me to him and kissed me, and as i started to relax i kissed him back. His hand slid down to my crotch, then down into my nickers as i quickly undid my trousers so as not to rip them. As his fingers tried to explore, i pulled away, but his hand came with me and in seconds he had a finger inside. The electricity shot through me as i crumpled against him with sheer arousing pleasure. He continued to explore with his fingers, reaching further back to stroke my hole, returning back to my clit and pussy. I reached to find his cock, pointing sideways through his jeans. He quickly flicked his belt open and trousers down to release his very nice, hard cock. With my hand around his shaft i started to return the pleasure, trying to maintain some form of composure as my clit throbbed against his fingers.

Down onto my knees, i took him gingerly in my mouth and quickly started to suck, with one hand on his bum cheek. He moved my hand to his crack, but unsure what to do i moved back to his cheek. He started to thrust gently into my mouth, deeper and to the back of my throat, but was uncomfortable so i held the base of his cock to limit its depth.

Before long his tip was turning a deep red as I massaged his 'v', licking and sucking his tip. He moved me onto the edge of the couch, trousers and knickers pulled off my ankles, and spread my knees wide apart. I felt shy so started to close, but he buried his head between my thighs and pushed my knees wide apart again, holding them there. As soon as his tongue hit my clit i was helpless, unable to resist, unable to control what was going on. I lay there as my clit got flicked by his tongue, pulled by his lips, and pinched by his teeth. The pleasure was fantastic, a stranger giving me an amazing oral session, his stubble gently scratching and tickling between my thighs. I had a hand on his head, intending to push him off, to stop the intensity, yet unable to do so as I didn't want it to stop...