16 Jul 2018

My first swinging experience was way back in the mid-80's. Remember when you bought Contact Magazines? Some had phone numbers but you replies to most via PO Boxes. I used to buy mine from a guy who ran the shop which printed them in Bolton, always managed to make my visits there co-incide with publication day!

After loads of attempts got a reply from a guy up in Rochdale who was organising a gang bang for his wife. Two firsts in the one night. I rang the number and spoke with Bill, who gave me an address to turn up at the following Saturday. I duly drove up there and waited outside a few minutes as I was early and wanted to compose myself.

I knocked on the door and Dave introduced himself. There was another guy there called Steve and we were waiting for others to arrive. A knock at the door and in came Ray. Dave said there were supposed to be another three or four coming and that we would drive a few miles to a friend's house where his wife would be waiting. He put a VHS tape on the TV showing him fucking his wife Brenda. it was for real as this had been shot in the very room we were all sitting in.

Brenda was mid-30's, quite small and petite with a slim figure. medium length blonde hair and lovely small pert breasts, maybe 34A or close to that. This being the 1980's her bush was natural and trimmed.

When the video ended Dave, reckoning nobody else was turning up, said we would drive the short distance ti his friend's house and the fun could begin. We pulled up at a pub in Mossley on the outskirts of Manchester and all went inside. Dave explained he would get Brenda ready for us and would be back in about 15 mins. I ordered a half, despite it being a hot summer's night as i didn't want to compromise my performance. The three of us chatted, wondering if it was for real and also what we might get up to. Ray was easy to chat with but Steve seemed a bit withdrawn.

My own nerves were on edge. My experience had been limited to visiting a swingers club in Manchester. Although I had fucked other women in the company of others and being watched this was the first time ever in a private home setting. Also trying to imagine that, hopefully, soon all three of us would be naked having sex with Brenda.

Dave returned and said we would walk a short distance to the house. On the way he said that when we entered the room Brenda would be tied to the door frame and she would be blind folded. Under no circumstances were we to remove her blind fold. He said anal would have to be played by ear depending if she wanted it or not. We were to all strip naked outside the room and on entering rub our cocks over her body then do whatever we wanted with her and we had to remain silent at all times.

The house we went to was a lovely large detached old Victorian building. We were led up an elaborate staircase to a closed bedroom door. Dave gave us all a nod and a wink before saying he would be waiting downstairs in the lounge for when we finished.

We dutifully stripped off and opened the door to the bedroom. Brenda was tied to the door frame of the en-suite facing us, one arm to each top corner and a foot to either side. She was dressed in a flimsy thin white loose fitting lacy fabric which looked like it had been draped over her body and loosely tied to keep it from falling off her shoulders.

The three us us approached Brenda and rubbed our cocks against her body. I was in the centre. She wriggled as our cocks left their damp trails across what bare flesh we could see and squirmed as we played with her breasts and pussy. I dropped to my knees and took her soaking wet cunt into my mouth licking her clit and sucking in her juices. We removed her clothes, untied her feet and wrists then gently led her over to the bed.

Each of us fucked Brenda in various positions, all bareback of course in those days. She loved it and was moaning as we took her, her body shook violently with orgasm after orgasm as we each took it in turns to pound her lovely cunt. Steve got up and left leaving Brenda with just Ray and me. We motioned each other to try for anal and DP. I lay on my back and we got Brenda to sit astride my cock. I pulled her forward and down to me then kissed her deeply as Steve attempted rear entry. After some initial resistance Brenda said yes and I felt Ray's cock sliding inside her ass against mine buried deep inside her cunt.

We both came, left her in a naked heap on the bed and left the room. We dressed then went back down stairs to a waiting Dave. He asked us if we had enjoyed ourselves which of course was a stupid question. He thanked us for fucking his wife and for playing by his rules. Steve was a trusted friend who was there to keep an eye on us and had left when he felt confident in what we would do to Brenda.

We agreed to keep in touch. I kept in touch with dave and Brenda for about 14 years enjoying many an adventure with Brenda, one of which included Ray who I know also kept in touch for quite a while. Maybe more of these to follow?

Ray and me strolled back to the pub to reflect on the experience we had just enjoyed. The first pint hardly hit the sides going down, it had been hard but enjoyable work!