Written by Miss_gail

27 May 2007

Im new to this site an was reading the stories, and felt that i wanted to share my very first threesome experience.

Like most first times, i didnt think about it, plan it or know it was going to happen... but in hindsight it had been on the cards for years i just hadnt drank enough alchol yet!

It started in a night club, all hot, sweaty and horny.. but not touching.. with a group of friends, my friend and her boyfriend had left earlier as they were tired, and she wasnt feeling very well. . didnt give it another thought till we all piled into her house (she was putting 3 of us up).. now me being me, i was very huggy and loved up, and wanted to check she was feeling ok.. so i ran upstairs, and just burst into her bedroom like a kid! shouting im home are you ok!!!.. what i interupted stopped me in my tracks..for the first time i was seeing real people fucking! id seen porn an stuff but never any thing else..instead of turning and going back down stairs.. shes just smilled at me, so ijumped on the bed.. they quickly undressed me.. he started to suck on my nipples and i didnt bat an eyelid as she started to kiss me.. when i opened my eyes and realised that a girl was kissing i felt amazing!....

they laid me down on the bed.. and while she carried on kissing me, he moved down to my pussy.. which by now was dripping wet..i remenber thinking, omg that feels so strange having two mouths on me at the same time.. then he started to finger fuck me.. by now i was very turned on and was getting a bit vocal, so she shhhhh'd me and said that her boyfriend wanted me to suck his cock.. i nodded.. and and got up.. he laid down and got comfy as i started to gobble him..now this was something i knew how to do!!!!!!!!!!!

we played for a few mins with his balls and both sucked an fingerd him.. i was feeling so sexy.. and when he started to come i giggled and gulped him down.. he looked at his girlfriend and winked and told her to have some fun hed come 3 times thaat night and was done.. got up went to the computer. turned on the web cam and unbeknown to me, started to broadcast the bed to a web chat room... luckily i didnt know else i would of freaked out!!!

when he left us on the bed.. i asked her if i could touch her.. i had never touched anyone elses pussy but mine.. and that hardly happened.. so she said sure.. layed down and spread her legs.. i looked at her pussy and thought it wasthe most beautiful thing id ever seen.. wet, glistening, and slightly pulsing.. the smell was amazing, sweet and begging to be tasted.. so i did.. i dipped my tongue on the very edge of her clit. just to see if i liked it.. wow... !!! my very first taste of girl juice, and it was like id come home!!!

apparantly i was a natural,. i had never done it, seen it or thought about it but i knew where to lick, where to nibble, when to finger.. and i also found my domme side.. where the fuck that came from il never know!!! but within mins.. i was holding her down, fucking her with my tonuge, flicking her clit.. and fingering her pussy.. she was obviously expecting to have to teach me and im proud to say was very surprised at my natural lust... i only stopped and realised what i was doing when i suddenly got a pussy shoved so hard in my face i thought my nose was gonna break, and i was gonna drown, as she exploded on my face.. then i stopped.. i thought id broke her!!!!!!! i paniced and started to appologise. i didnt realise she had just orgasimed, and was in the middle of a multiple, she was begging lick me dont stop!!! so i went back to what i was doing.. (all the while this is being broadcasted dont forget!!!!) i pushed 4 fingers easily inside her and i felt the velvet glove that gripped me as she pulsed in a multiple, and the coming finally slowed down, her breathing went back to normal, and her thighs relaxed.. then she gently pushed me off her and looked at me..

I asked did i do it right?? was it ok.. did i hurt you.. i wass very worried.. she smilled, and said that was the best come shed had in ages.. (fella sat two feet away!!!) he laughed and said well best return the favour then.. so she flipped me an repeated!!!! i had to agree being licked by a girl is most definitely different than being likced by a man.. more intense.. more intamate, more sensual, and right to the point if you know what i mean ladies..

I came so much that night that i had a rash when our skins had chaffed.. we carried on sucking, fucking, and fingering each other.. her letting me try things.. and see if i liked.. an me discovering a whole new side of me i never knew exsisted..

That night was the turning point in me.. up until then id had the most vanilla life of any 23yr old around only ever having slept with 2 guys and both only missionary guys.. i never really what the fuss was about with sex.. it had always seemed like a waste of time, and just got alot of mess without any fun... but that night.. i learnt about my body.. and my mind.. and i became ME....

Il never ever forget those two, who saw that i was so naive and let me play with them.. it never ever happened again.. and in the morning after 5 hours of play.. it was never ever mentioned again.. i moved shortly after that.. but i took to my new home, a new me, a confident sexy, powerful bisexual, goddess who knew now finally what she wanted, and how to get it, take it and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!

so.. thought id share my very first time.. every word of this blog an more i dont want to bore you with happened 9 years ago in aug on my birhtday... i always have a smile to myself when i get a year older, remembering the best birthday prestent ever... !