Written by Dwayne Roberts

23 Aug 2010

I am a 23yr old black guy,and up until the event i am about to tell you about,had never even touched a woman,I work in a small factory,and theres a girl who works in the offices,who i can only describe as beautiful,and on many occasions i would look at her and go to the toilet and wank over her,Although i had never even spoke to her,During the tea breaks a cple of the guys claimed to have fucked her,and said how she loved black cock,I thought they were just trying to wind me up owing to me being so shy,plus i had seen her bloke and he was white,I also thought they were winding me up because i was a virgin,then my cousin was getting married and we went for his pre wedding guys night,I was not going to go purely as i dont drink,I am probaly making myself sound a real bore,but the only reason for not drinking is i dont like the taste,Anyway we ended up in a club,and as usual i was standing back just watching the other guys,when suddenly i saw Ellen,the girl from work,and she always looks good but out of work she looked unbelievable,and i could not believe when she spotted me,she began to come over,We began talking but i could not think of anything to say, except about work,she was pleasent enough but it was obvious i was boring her,And she was just about to go when i said can i get you a drink,she saidyeah but lets go to the upstairs bar where its quieter,we sat down and she must of realised how shy i was as she lead the conversation,she was talking right close to my face,and i dont know where i got the courage,but i just leant forward and kissed her,i thought she would pull away but she responded,pushing her tongue in my mouth,I honestly thought i was going to cum there and then,we stayed a little longer,and suddenly with my new found courage i asked her if i could take her home,to my surprise she said not to hers,as her b/f would go mad,but we can go to mine,it felt as if all eyes were on me as i left with a white girl on my arm,we kissed all the way back in the cab,And on getting back to my room,i knew i was not going to be a virgin for much longer,she stripped down to her panties and sitting on the bed facing me,pulled down my jeans,taking my cock she began to suck me,it was all to much and without warning i just cum,right in her mouth,i began to apologise,but she just said what for,by now i knew she had guessed i was a virgin,and she began to take control,pulling me down we laid on the bed and began kissingand i squeezed her tits a little to hard ,but she just said gently,and moved my hand down to her pussy,which i began to finger,she moved me onto my back and straddling me guided my rock hard cock into her,and god did it feel good,i looked at her pretty white face,and tits as she grinded me into her,and as much as i tried not to i could not stop myself from coming deep in her,which she did not seem to mind,it was obvious she could not stay the night,but the vision of her naked body,in my arms as she called a cab will never leave me,I could not wait until i got to work monday,to see her again,but when i did she just gave me a little smile,and that was it,it was as it had never happened,and apart from the odd hello,thats how it stays,sometimes when the guys talk about how they have shagged her,i feel like saying yeah so have i,but never have,the only thing that makes me believe they have is,in thier stories they seem to be the same as mine,it was sex then nothing,i often wonder how many other black guys,she has fucked,on a one off thing,never to return,all i do know is if ever i got the chance again,i would love to date her and do it properly this time.