Written by taratim_2012

18 Jan 2012

Back in my days of crossdressing, I always fancied meeting a couples for some fun dressed up as a girl.

I met this one Kent couple through this website in 2003 and I travelled from London to meet them. They picked me up at the train station and drove me home where with the help of the lady, I got dressed and look very convincing on the day.

We had initially hoped to go to a club/bar but decided to stay at home. We ordered a Indian takeaway which I received at the door from the delivery driver. He could barely believe what he was seeing as I stood their in a very short and tight dress with a see thru top. Nothing happened but it was a great moment!

After dinner, we the couple and I were chatting at the dining table when the man came over and started kissing me on the neck and guided me to the sitting room sofa kissing me throughout. He had his hand between my legs and on my tits and I was kissing him back.

He forced his cock in my mouth and ordered me to give him an oral which holding my head. He came in my mouth and the women shared his cum through my mouth and also took my cock and gave me oral and I came in her mouth.

We all shared a couple of glasses of wine whilst everyone recharged themselves. I was then pinned to the floor by the couple, the women was holding my hands down tightly and the man was fondling me, taking off my skirt and panties. He licked around my pussy before turning me over and entering me. I was in a lot of pain and screamed a lot however I could not get out of the act being held by two people. I did enjoy the experience as he fucked me hard and I was in tears as he finished.

I went for a long shower and changed into some nightwear as we all retired to sleep. I was sleeping in a bedroom next to that of the couple.

In the morning, I woke up in the morning to find the women lead me to their bedroom for some early morning sex where I was fucked again by the man. I then showered with the women before being dropped back to the train station.

If the couple, who treated me to the above wonderful experience, is reading this story please get in touch as I would love to relive the experience.