Written by Jill

13 Sep 2015

My First Time Black

My husband and I met at university, married at graduation, and have been together for 19 years. I'm 41, but have been told I look ten years younger. I'm naturally slim and the little weight I have put on over the years has given me a 36D 26 37 figure. We have frequently spiced our sex life up with fantasies of me having sex with someone else. Mostly I would imagine it was one of our male friends or a colleague from work, but my husband would talk about wanting to watch me take a big black.

Up until a few months ago these remained just as fantasies, but one night when we were making love and I was close to orgasm, he asked if I wished I was being fucked by a big black cock right then. The thought of my pussy being stretched by a big cock inflamed me and I suddenly could almost feel it being stretched by a big black cock pulsating as it rammed in and out of me. The image was so real it pushed me over the edge and I came as never before, crying out, "Oh god, I'd love it. I'm coming on your big black cock! Fuck me! Don't stop! Fuck meee!!!" My intense climax lasted longer than usual and during it I felt my husband pump his cum into me as my pussy spasmed around his cock.

When we both came down from our orgasms and were cuddling together, I sheepishly apologized for verbalizing my sudden fantasy that it was a big black cock making me come instead of him. He quickly told me no apology was needed, then asked if I was open to the idea of inviting a well hung black man into our bed to fuck me. I stammered, "You've got to be joking. These are just fantasies. You have no trouble giving me orgasms with your six inches. I don't need a bigger cock to enjoy sex." He persisted and I could have said no, but he was so excited about it and the thought of having sex with a new man after 19 years of being faithful did appeal to me. After all, there are only so many ways you can do it with the same person.

My husband contacted a local swinger's club and they recommended Daniel who they claimed was personable and known for his size and stamina. We were to meet the next Saturday night at the bar of a local hotel where my husband had booked a room for the night. As Saturday approached, I found myself getting more and more turned on by the thought of what was to happen, so much so that we had sex at night and the following morning every day leading up to Saturday.

Saturday arrived and at 7pm we were met at the hotel bar by a gorgeous black man in his mid-30s. Tall and well built, he was very charming and any misgivings I'd had quickly disappeared. He seemed to be quite taken by me and as we danced a slow dance, he told me I was so sexually attractive to him he couldn't wait to have me, then said to me, "You do realize that tonight will change your life forever, don't you?" I asked what he meant and he continued, "Once you've experienced a big black cock you'll never want to do without after that." Hearing that and instinctively feeling he was probably right made my pussy tingle.

We soon went up to our room and as my husband sat in a chair in the corner and watched, Daniel proceeded to expertly seduce me in the most gentle and wonderful way. Asking permission, he kissed me for what seemed like ages as he slowly undressed me piece by piece, taking time between to caress all my womanly parts with his hands, lips, and tongue. By the time I was finally naked, he had gotten my breasts to swell with desire, my nipples hard and elongated with arousal, and my pussy to climax twice on his fingers.

I was a quivering mass of nerve endings when I finally lay in the middle of the bed and he stood before me taking off his clothes. I watched intently as his body was revealed, especially when his massive cock was uncovered. He smiled at me as he slowly stroked it into a full erection, then climbed between my already open and raised legs. He lowered his face to my groin and expertly ate me to two screaming climaxes. When he raised his head after the second one, I was so horny for him, I cried out, "Get in me now. I need you to fuck me!. I need to feel that big cock in me!" My husband later told me he had never seen me so anxious for sex - I acted like a bitch in heat looking for any cock to fuck her and give her fulfillment.

Seeing the state I was in, Daniel immediately mounted me, pushing his rock hard cock a couple of inches into me. His cock was much thicker and wider than what I was used to and it was stretching my pussy laterally enough that it was uncomfortable. I gasped and snapped my head back in reaction to the discomfort. He paused and soothingly said, "Your pussy is elastic and will enlarge to accommodate my girth. I'll take my time with you and it'll soon feel good" He remained still, but I could feel his cock throbbing which felt good. Noticing the partial relaxation of my facial features, he whispered, "Are you ready for a little bit more?" I nodded a 'yes' and he pushed in another couple of

inches. I felt it stretching the next section of my pussy, but no quite so much as before. He paused again, then we repeated the procedure two more times, and his whole 9 inches was soon fully up me.

He paused again, letting me get used to his size, with his upper body hovering above me, held up on his outstretched arms. I could plainly feel the involuntary throbbing of his cock and it felt good - very good. After maybe a minute, he asked if he could proceed. I flexed my pussy as I nodded a 'yes' in response and he smiled as he started to slowly move in and out. In just a short while the remainder of the discomfort was gone and, although my pussy still felt a bit stretched, it now was a good feeling - a very good feeing of arousal.

I wrapped my arms and legs about his body and fucked him back, pushing my hips up into him on his down strokes, and we were soon enthusiastically fucking each other toward climax. As I approached, my moans turned into groans, then into gasps of rapidly rising passion. As I got to the edge of the precipice, he went into the short strokes and pounded his cock into me. Seeing that I was still hung up at the edge, he fucked me with a frenzy, thrusting into me as fast and hard as he could. His frenzy of fucking pushed me over the edge with screams of release and I cried out, "Don't stop! I'm coming! Oh, fuck, I'm coming! I'm coming!" My hips jerked uncontrollably as I held him in a death grip with my arms and legs wrapped tight around his body. My husband later told me he had never seen me come so hard - that I looked like I was out of my mind with intense sexual arousal.

My orgasm lasted very long for me, over a full minute, and when I finally finished coming, I just collapsed under him, panting out of breath and moaning how good it felt. Any woman who says size doesn't matter has never had an orgasm like that from a big cock! He stayed up me hovering over me on his outstretched arms. When I finally recovered, I asked if he had come. He replied with a wicked grin saying, "Not yet. We've only just begun. We've got quite ways to go yet."

He started to fuck me slowly and gently, coaxing me out of my post-coital haze, soon establishing a quicker pace and we were on our way to my next climax. Over the next two hours, he had me so many times I lost count. I had at least a dozen climaxes, most so intense I screamed them out. He came several times along the way, filling my pussy with his cum. I didn't bother cleaning up, just let the cum that leaked out smear all over my groin and the inside of my upper thighs. My husband later told me the smell of sex was strong and permeated the whole room, making him even hornier than he was from watching me having my brains fucked out. He had me three or four times in between and his cum to my sopping wet pussy.

Altogether, we fucked for almost three hours before I finally fell asleep lying between the two of them. We slept fitfully and when one of them awoke, he had me and the movement of us fucking would wake up the other and then he would have me also. I don't know how many times that occurred but, by morning, as Daniel had predicted, I was totally satiated and sexually wrung out.

Daniel left, but we stayed and slept until time to check out. When we got home, we discussed the experience from our respective viewpoints. I was all for a repeat performance with Daniel, but my husband was feeling a bit insecure as a man and jealous that I enjoyed it so much. And me saying I wanted more didn't help. He asked me to hold off while he worked through his anxiety about sharing me and I agreed.

During the week following, I found myself continually re-living the sexual experience I had with Daniel and got hornier and hornier with the passing of each day. Finally, about ten days later, after my husband continued to hold off a decision, I called Daniel and set up my own solo meet at his house. What happened is another story, if anyone is interested.