Written by gstan_1

2 May 2014

Hi all this is how my boyfriend got me into dogging. I had been to my friends for the night got g to pick me up at midnight. He turned up bang on time I was quite pissed and our journey home takes about half hour. I was feeling sexy and for a treat started to play with his cock seeing him rock hard I just had to have it.he said there's a place 10 minutes away and to play with myself till we get there.next thing I knew was pulling up in a dark country park with in seconds he had my tits out sucking on one whilst fingering my wet pussy. I could just reach his cock to give it a tug I didn't take in that he had turned the light on.when he said look out the window I got a bloody shock standing there was two young lads with their semi hard Cocks in hand.i looked at g and said your a sneaky sod as his always talking about me fucking other men.but I was merry so thought why not so opened the windows and took one straight in my mouth whilst I jersey the other one well 20 seconds later I could feel hot Cumbria hitting the side of my face.not long after that I could the one in my mouth start to shoot his load. I feeling a bit disappointed till I see them replaced by 4 older men and with g liking my pussy like there was no tomorrow I'd do anything. And 1 guy had a massive cock and I just had to have it in me.so i opened the door and bent over the seat as I was taken to paradise fuck that cock was good and I blew g at the same that.that night I fucked 3 more guy's. Now g wants me to try a black cock so we'll see .