Written by Coventry Mike

10 Jul 2011

My experience actually started with my wife and I having a bit of an argument. Last Friday night she was going out with her friends. I was in the living room watching telly while she was upstairs getting ready. There was couple rings on the phone and she came in to the room to say her taxi had arrived and she was off out.

It was at this point that we had a short, but quite heated row. The row was over the dress she was wearing. She’d bought it the previous weekend and it was the first time I’d seen it. It was flesh coloured and skin tight leaving nothing to the imagination. It was immediately apparent to me that she was braless and I could see no sign of any other underwear. It also became obvious why she’d been so keen to get a spray tan and a professional wax job the night before. The dress was very tight and short (about half way up her thigh) and one of the shortest I’d ever seen her wear. The fabric was so thin that I suspect that if she hadn’t had the wax the outline of her bush would have been visible though the dress.

Although it was stating the obvious, I found myself saying “What are you wearing under that dress”. My wife took a little umbrage to the way I said it and said and bit my head off, saying things like “When did you start deciding what I should wear” and “Why are you making such a big thing of it.” To say I was shocked by her reaction is an understatement. Anyway, off she went in a huff banging the front door as she went leaving me to wonder what had happened.

I was still up when she got home at about 3 o’clock in the morning. She was obviously surprised to see me sitting there and as she walked in to the room she wrapped her jacket around her waist and said she was going straight to bed. I followed her up stairs and she went straight in to the bathroom. A while later she came in to the bedroom carrying her dress. She was now wearing a pair of knickers, she threw her dress in to the washing basket and got in to bed. I got out of bed and took the dress out and saw that the back of it had a large wet stain on it.

She immediately realised what I’d seen and without me saying a word she started to tell me how she’d been fucked bareback by two men at a house party she’d been to. Because she’s been commando and even without any knickers in her handbag, things had got messy for her on the way home.

It was impossible for me to stop myself asking her for more detail of what had happened. She told me that one of the other girls met some people she knew, they were all invited back to a party. At the party, she was getting lots of male attention and her friend had gone off in to one of the bedrooms with someone, leaving my wife in the kitchen talking to two lads. She admitted that she couldn’t really remember how it started but she admitted that she made no attempt whatsoever to stop it happening.

She remembered kissing one of the lads while the other one had his hand up her dress fingering her. Once he’d slipped his finger inside her wet fanny she said that there was no stopping it and she wanted to fuck them both. She told me that she undid the jeans of the lad she was kissing and got his dick out. He moved her in to the living room and she bent over the back of the couch and he lifted her dress and took her from behind. The second lad shagged her on the couch with her on her back with her dress up round her waist.

The session was cut short when her friend came back in to the room just as the lad was pumping the second load of cum in to her. Apparently, her friend and the fella she’d been upstairs with stood for a good few minutes watching her getting it before she’d realised they’d come in to the room. She told me that the lads were after her to stay the night and carry on drinking and fucking. But she decided that she wanted to come home.

I just didn’t know what to think as she was telling me all this. As far as I know, it was the first time she’d been unfaithful and I hardly knew what to think. The thing I did know was that my dick was as hard as a rock. The conversation went on and I asked more questions about what had happened and I got more and more detail; right down to the fact that she didn’t orgasm until the second lad fucked her but then she managed two orgasms and that she’d kept her shoes on while she was getting shagged. This just got me harder and harder and more and more turned on. In the end I had no option but to try it on and fuck her myself.

I kissed her and pushed her knickers down off her hip. She quickly took the hint and took them of completely. I pushed the bed clothes off her and looked at her laying there on her back with her legs wide open. Her perfectly smooth fanny looked extremely inviting. Her body looked amazing and I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was to have such a great looking wife.

I climbed on top of her and entered her easily. With one stroke I was balls deep and immediately started to pound her hard. Although she’d cleaned herself up it was still a very horny experience knowing that mine was the third dick to get inside her that night. Somehow it felt like I was making love to a different woman. She came quite quickly and it wasn’t long before I pumped my load in to her. What next I wonder.