Written by scipio

10 May 2015

my first true love was sandra.she was the first girl i had ever taken on a real date,we were both 18 both virgins,at least i thought she was.

when we both turned 19 we decided to go on holiday to spain,this was my chance to sleep with her for the first time,unfortunately she wanted her best mate nikki and her boyfriend darren to come with us.so much for romance.

i will skip over the early part of the holiday but day 4 and we made love,i have learnt alot in the last 33 years but back then i was so nervous i nearly came when she put the condom on me,and i didnt last long after that but she seemed pleased with my first effort.

next evening we all went out clubbing till the early hours coming back to our room quite pissed.i hoped they would leave soon so sandra and i could play.but nikki ended up being sick in the toilet and i had to clean it up,when i came out sandra and darren were on the bed play fighting,i sat on the other bed and watched them,they stopped fighting and started kissing ,i saw his hand on her thigh move higher up,i thought she would stop him but instead she opened her legs for him giving him access to a place where i had only recently reached.they started to undress almost unaware i was there,when he pulled his shorts down i realized all men are not equal,his cock looked twice the size of mine,sandra wrapped her hands around it and kissed the head then licked around the rim then slowly took him in her mouth,i found myself getting more and more turned on and took my cock out to wank,just then he looked over at me and smiled,i felt humiliated but it didnt stop me wanking.i then watched as he fucked her hard while she was on all fours crying out,i saw a women have an orgasm for the first time it was so erotic i nearly came,what tipped me over was her looking up at me with a look of pure pleasure on her face,she smiled as i cum over my jeans.

this is a true story which goes someway to explain how i turned out later in life.