Written by rockhall1

5 Nov 2008

a long time ago at the tender age of 17 I was in the local town on a Saturday night and popped into a pub for a quick pint. there I ran across Jan and Carol, sisters who were out for the night. they were trying to get rid of some old guy who had latched on so I offered them a lift at closing time. I was duly invited in for coffee, turned out that Jan (34) had been staying for a couple of days and was going home to hubby on Monday.

After the coffee I needed the loo so Jan offered to show me the way and going up the stairs I had a view of paradise, she had no knickers on. I asked her if her pussy wasn`t cold as it was February and still chilly. \\\"Find out\\\" she said so I slid a finger in,then 2 then 3. It was very warm and very wet, I started to get a hard on and as I pulled it out in the toilet she got hold of it, pulled the foreskin back and aimed it at the pot. She must have had practice as she hit it first time and when I finished she shock it off, then bent over and took me in her mouth. I thought my cock would burst as she ran her tongue over it. She then took me into the bedroom where she took my clothes off followed by her own. I started to get her on the bed but she took complete control. She made me lie dowm and then climbed on my chest so I could see her pussy gaping and glistening in front of me, she then slid forward until she was sat on my face.

\\\"Lick me slowly\\\" she said, the smell of her was fantastic and I licked for England, her clitoris was rockhard and her juices were flowing like a tap. She had several orgasms and at one point almost suffocated me as she clamped down hard during one of them. She then spun around into a 69 position and I had the glorious site of the dribbling pussy right above my nose. I opened her lips and continued my ministrations as she sucked on my prick. \\\"Stick your finger in my ass\\\" she cried and lowered her hips until her arse was right in front of my face. I opened her cheeks and stuck my tongue in her tight little hole, wiggling it around and round as she bucked and squirmed. As she moved her pussy back over my mouth I stuck my right index finger straight in her lovely hole. It was so wet I put the middle finger in as well and started to ass fuck her with them. She pushed back hard against my hand, bouncing like crazy as she had another orgasm. It then became a little much for me and I started to cum, first a little spurt which she swallowed with a bit of a moan, then I started to pump it out. She sucked and sucked until I was spent then slowly licked from the head to the balls and back. I expected it to go soft but it was still hard so she swung around and climbed on, slotting it straight into her sopping pussy. She rode me for another 2 or 3 orgasms (hers not mine) and then she rolled off on the bed. I climbed in between her legs and shoved it back in, with her legs over my shoulder it was going all the way in.

she had another orgasm and her pussy juices were everywhere, the sheets were soaking, her thighs were soaking and so was the entrance to her ass. I took the head and placed it against her puckered little hole then slowly shoved it in. Once the head cleared the sphincter muscle it went into the hilt in one easy motion. Her eyes were wide and she was panting like a racehorse, her face a mixture of pleasure and pain. She pushed her hips down onto my prick and I rode her for all I was worth. When I shot my load again she went into overdrive and her pussy was pissing out juice like a tap.

I pulled out of her arse and as I held her legs apart I could see a dribble seeping out.

twice more that night I fucked her in the arse before falling asleep somewhere around 4am.

I woke up a few hours later to find her sucking my cock, one last time before I left she said so as she had managed to get it hard she had her last fuck.

After we finished she came downstairs to make me a cup of tea and see me off. Her sister Carol came down as well as she heard us and she had one with us. Carol had a silky dressing gown on which was open enough to show her tits and short enough to show her arse. She called us noisy bastards but Jan said she was just jealous as she hadn`t had a fuck in months. She said as she was going home why didn`t I call around and sort her sister out next time. I thought screwing a 34year old woman was fun but her sister was 44 years old.

and that`s another story.