Written by S

3 Oct 2014

Another month, still no sex. I do appreciate that Ben works long hours and brings in good money, but it seems as though he has forgotten why he is working. We have been married for 8 years now, and been together for fourteen. The spark had well and truly gone from our relationship. We are not old, just 36 for him and 34 for me.

I have tried to add a bit of oomph into our relationship with trying to get him to bed wearing basques, suspenders, and other sexy underwear, but this only worked once in a blue moon. I hadn’t let myself go, and always watched what I ate. I was size 10/12 depending on where I shopped for clothes, have mid shoulder length brunette hair, am 5’2 and was fairly slim. I hadn’t done proper exercise for a few years and I suppose I could do with a bit of toning. I had done a bit of yoga and aerobics in the past, but decided I would try and tone up a bit and join a gym.

One of my girlfriends had just joined a gym that was really cheap and open 24/7. She said it wasn’t full of muscle heads and there was a good mix of people, so decided to join it so we could go together. It was quite addictive going to the gym and we started going 3 times a week around 6 o’clock. It was always quite busy, but there was plenty of things to use, like running machines and the weight machines. The people that go to the gym were mainly 20’s to 30’s normal people just keeping fit. There was a corner of the gym where the free weights were where there were quite a few muscle heads with biceps bigger than my waist. They tended to keep themselves to themselves, posing to each other which was very funny!

On my way home I was looking forward to our Wednesday gym session, but got a text from my friend to say she couldn’t make it because she had a parents evening. I was gutted. The gym session gives me a bit of a high after the exercise and I feel so good when I leave feeling tired so was determined to get there. Ben was home when I got back from work and it was the usual ritual, I get dinner ready while he checks his e-mails and goes through the works accounts. Dinner was ready by seven. After a very light dinner I got changed for the gym. I treated myself to a new Victoria Secrets ‘Incredible’ bright pink sports bra a few weeks ago and it still took a minute or putting it on! I slipped my vest top on and a pair of black leggings over my thong. By the time was ready it was nearly nine o’clock. I told Ben I was off, kissed him on the cheek, got in the car drove to the gym.

It was the first time I had been to gym by myself, and we have always gone between 6 and 7. I was surprised to see so few people there. There were about 15 people on their own working out but around 20 men in the muscle head corner.

I started with my usual routine of jogging for a mile on the tread mill, then went on the leg machines. These were next to muscle head area and it gave me an excuse to see the less extreme buffed up men. It wasn’t long until one came over and asked if I needed any help. He was cute, not too big and quite tasty. I played it cool and said no thanks. Finished on the machine, then went back to the middle of the gym to use another piece of equipment. I made sure I was on the lowest weight just so I could stay on it for a few minutes. I kept looking over at the muscle corner and saw that most were looking over at me and winding him up.

I thought that I’d put him out of his misery and filled up my water bottle at the fountain by the leg machines. As I was filling the bottle up, he came over again and asked if I wanted to be shown how to use the free weights. He said loads of women did them and they weren’t that heavy for beginners. I checked him up and down and thought why not. I had my wedding ring on so he knew I was married, but it was nice having a bit of attention. On the way to the weights he put his arm around my waist and I didn’t try and take it off. I was taken to a bench with 5 guys around it. They were a mix of buff and mega muscle buff, quite a funny mix to be honest! I was told to first told a bar to feel how heavy it was. They told me to lift it over my head, then back down and told it out in front of me. They told me to do this 3 more times until 1 of them told me my posture was all wrong and I’d hurt my back. I felt 2 hands on my hips behind me positioning my body. He said he had to keep his hands there to make sure I didn’t move out of the position. It felt very awkward with him holding me and the others watching as I lifted the empty bar over my head and then out.

It took a minute until they started asking me about my husband and if it was my first time here. They also kept asking if my husband minded me being here on my own. I could see where this was going and realised this was the point when I could say “thanks guys but I gotta go”. I decided I might see what happens. I told them that yes I was married and no it wasn’t great. When I said this I noticed that the hands that were on my waist started to rise a little. The guys started to huddle a little closer and there they started egging each other on. I didn’t really know what I was feeling, hyper excited by the attention and the things that were going round my head, and on the other hand I was surrounded by guys I had no chance of fending off.

I noticed that a few of the muscle heads had left, but those who were doing workouts soon came around the bench to see what was happening. One of the guys took the bar off me and as I gave it to him felt my vest top rise. A voice said behind me I won’t be needing this, it gets very hot in this corner! I just put my arms up and felt the flimsy top disappear over my head. They had all shifted from watching my top disappear to my sports bra. The voice behind me said it was time to go to the office to be induced. I had no idea what they meant but felt two arms lift me up and I was taken by the hand to the male changing rooms. I quickly looked around the gym and noticed there were only 5 or 6 people left working out in the gym as I was being escorted to the changing rooms. I’d only met these guys about 10 minutes ago and didn’t know any of their names. We went through a changing area to where the showers were. I looked around and saw around ten men had come into the changing room, with one extra staying at the door.

I was turned around to face them and one of the mega buff guys unzipped the front of my sports bra. What took minutes to get on took seconds to open. He pulled the cups to the side so my boobs could be seen by everyone. He kept muttering that I was a married slut and moved his hands to grope my 30dd boobs. He was dropped his head to suck one my left, moulding my right with his right hand. I felt two fingers hooking into the side of my leggings, then felt them being pulled to my feet.

Totally exposed, my mind was blank. I really had no idea what I could do other than just do as I was told. In the back of my mind I knew this was so wrong and had to get out, but I was already feeling my body tingling with the touch of this man. Everything was such as whirlwind. I felt hands wrap round my waist as others in the group went behind me. Hands over my hips, bum and moving towards my pussy.

As one of them slide his hand over my pussy I heard him moan that he loved a nice shaven pussy and I was a good slut for keeping it smooth. My knees were trembling at this point, but I really didn’t need to put much weight on them with all these men holding me. I felt a finger slide inside me followed by a second. As I parted my legs to let him enter me a hand held my face and turn it slightly so he could kiss me. His tongue inside my mouth. All thoughts of being a married woman left me as I passionately kissed him back.

I instinctively moved my hands feeling bare cock. I grabbed the closest to my hands and slowly wanked them.

I haven’t a clue when it was that i was told to go to my knees. The muscle head who was sucking my breast grabbed a small handful of my hair and told me to suck his cock. It was right in my face and there was little else I could do. He wasn’t massive and only took a minute to cum deep in my throat. As I was swallowing his load, he moved out of the way and a second guy took his place. My mouth was firmly sucking his cock, and I had one cock in each hand wanking them away. Every so often I felt a splat on my back, over my shoulders onto my breasts or in my hair from someone wanking over me. I swallowed all the cum from those who I had to suck.

I completely lost track of time, but the muscle head who was leading the group said it was time for some proper exercise. I was told to get up. One of the guys had turned one of the showers on in the large cubicles. I was carried to shower with my legs either side of him. His hands were under my bum, and my arms round his neck. When we got in the shower he told me fuck him. I felt the tip of his cock underneath me. I felt it easing inside me as he lowered my bum down. All the others were watching. His cock slide deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I came straight away, my body throbbing around him. I completely lost all sense of my surroundings. I was riding him in the shower, fucking him hard, begging him to fill me, fuck me harder. Eventually he came inside me. I half realised that he hadn’t used a condom by the time I was passed to the next guy and impregnated by his cock. I came at least 6 times and was passed from cock to cock. Each load of cum was shot deep inside my pussy.

By the time they had all cum inside me I was completely spent. When the last one finished I noticed I was the only one left in the changing room. I stayed in the shower in the corner for around 5 minutes just trying to gather my thoughts. There was no way I could even put this experience into context. It was the most exhilarating time I have ever had. I managed to get back to my feet and noticed that they had left some shampoo and shower gel by the shower door and there was a pile of money on my folded clothes on the bench opposite the shower. I used the shampoo and shower gel to remove as many traces of the experience as I could, dressed in my leggings and vest top, leaving the sports bra off, and left the gym. On my way out I saw it was gone 1am! I walked to the car and drove home.

When I got in, I noticed that he was in bed. My body was still tingling with the excitement in the gym and I was still so horny. When I got to the bedroom I took off my leggings and top, and slid beneath the sheets. My hand moved over his groin and started to massage his cock. He was half asleep and I could feel him grow harder as I massaged his cock. My mouth found his cock. I slowly peeled him back holding it firmly against him and rolled my tongue around his helmet.

Slowly my mouth enveloped his helmet and I slide down his cock. I felt his hand on the back of my head as I sucked him. When he was fully erect I ease up and straddled him, easing him into me. I took him easily, fucking him in his half sleep. He woke properly and asked me what I was doing. I told him to lie back and let me finish. He stayed a lot longer than usual and came just before I did. Feeling him squirt his cum deep inside where all those in the gym had just been. I felt my body spasm, my legs weaken and I slumped next to him completely spent.