19 Jun 2015

Following on from our night of passion, Dave, the guy who fucked me phoned to say that he wanted to see me again. Because I was well gone when we fucked, I didn't remember it all, so I agreed. Hubby was away so it wasntva major problem getting away. We met at the nightclub and we drank and danced the whole night. Towards the end of the evening Dave introduced me to a friend who'd just arrived. He was a good looking guy and quite muscular. We a couple of drinks together and john asked me to dance. It was a slow one and I coukd feel his cock had against my stomach. It felt quite big. Dave asked Johnif he could give us a lift home, to which he agreed. Dave sat in the back with me and we were kissing and playing around. Dave had his fingers in me like a shot,made easier because I'd left my knickers off. He opened my legs wide and I coukd see John looking in his mirror. Dave also noticed and asked if he liked what he saw. It looks great John had replied.

We arrived at my house and instead of just letting John go, I asked if he'd like to come in for a drink. I Didn't gave to ask twice. I poured the guys and myself a drink and sat down between them on the couch. Dave soon had his hands inside my blouse as he kissed me passionately. John was also getting some hands on experience as his fingers delved into my wet oussy. Dave asked where the bedroom was and we all went up there. Dave stripped me and told me to strip them. I started with Dave and was surprised at the size of his cock. When I was drunk and he was fucking me in the hotel, I got the impression it was bigger. Next itvall John. I took all his clothes off and couldn't help but get hold of his cock, it was much thicker than Dave's. Dave lay down on the bed and told me to ride him. I was more than happy to do that, knowing John would be next. I'd no sooner pushed down onto Dave's cock that I was coming. John was now behind me massaging my breasts and tweaking my nipples until they ached. He then took one hand away and started to pay some attention to my arse. In went one finger followed by another. Fortunately the juices from my pussy had kubricated my bum, which was good because moments later he had pushed me down onto Dave and was slowly pushing his cock into me. It was really painful, because he was so thick. He eventually got all the way in and the pain subsided. I now had two cocks inside me and was coming regularly, in fact by the time they had finished with me I was shuddering with continuous orgasms. I was a great night.