Written by Anne

8 Nov 2013

I have work at the same place for years, about nine months ago an other woman started

Sharon did her job well but she didn't fit in with the other girls it can be cluck after a few weeks I felt sorry for her and started talking to on brakes, we got to know each other and yes we became work friends, Sharon came from better off back ground hens the other girls not liking her that much the more I found out about her the more I liked her she is single living alone I am married my hubby is is a lorry driver so is away most of the time so I spend a lot of time by myself

I said to Sharon one day lets go to the pictures so we had a evening watching a film we both enjoyed it I think it got us out and we had some one to talk to and go with that was nice we did that a few times we went bowling once that was a giggle we did a few thing like that

Out of work Sharon is very different person a lot of fun a good laugh, I will say she can be a bit tactile a hug a kiss working she go arm in arm with you a lot I noticed she was doing it more and more like when we said goodbye she kiss me and hold my hand I said to myself well that's Sharon she is older than me early forties I would say but looks younger I would say she dress conservatively her close are expensive not Primark for sure she has a good figure but don't show it off to much

One day she asked if I like to go for a meal one evening, okay that be good she said my treat I said we go half's she knew a restaurant its not far from where she lives the arrangement was I would go to hers and we work from there I got to hers with lots of time

I was surprised when she opened the door , the way she was dressed what a difference her blouse was quite tight tailored figure hugging I sure she had no bra on her skirt was shorter than normal she gave me a kiss and hug we went in she said I've made us a cocktail she gave me a glass it was lovely I really liked it I had another before we left I am sure it was stronger than it tasted I don't drink much

We got to the restaurant it was more upmarket than I expected the food was wonderful it was a lovely meal plus a bottle of very nice wine which I may of had more than my shear

The bill came Sharon wouldn't let me see it she paid

Back at her flat I was feeling a bit tipsy she gave me another cocktail she put some music on we sat and talked I felt really relaxed, the conversation got quite intimate I told her about my husband and our sex life some how it came out she asked if I like another drink I said no a coffee be nice she went to make it I remember looking at her as walked out how good she looked really shapely legs with heels on, she came back put the coffee on the low table and sat down with me quite close to me I left he arm round my shoulders I am sure I snuggled up to her I didn't mean to my head her way I saw her blouse now gaped open more buttons where undone she didn't have a bra I could see more of her breasts she must of known I was looking she kissed me on the cheek and whispered you can touch I didn't move I may of been scared I don't know very gentle she lifted my hand and slipped it inside the blouse she felt warm and soft some how I had a nipple in my fingers a quite large nipple that was getting longer and stiffer as I touched it

There was warm breath on my cheek them over my lips her lips were then covered mine she kissed me at first my mouth was closed but it opened I felt her tongue my tongue meet hers we where french kissing I was still holding her breast, I am not gay or bi but I was feeling very aroused and god what a kiss I was gently pushed back on the sofa

It must of been the alcohol I felt relaxed with what was happening, if you had said to me before you be snogging a woman this evening I would of told you to sod off but here I was doing jest that plus I was getting aroused in the poses that was really weird, Sharon was laying over me we where sill in an embrace and I was still playing with her tits, she broke off and said you are lovely as we started to kiss again I put my other arm round her neck I felt her hand on my leg it moved up the inner thigh they parted almost by them self her fingers rubbed the crotch of my knickers they must of been damp I was that turned on the fingers found there way under then there was only my tights between them and my pussy some how she ripped a hole in the thighs the fingers where inside touching my pussy she played with it slipping a finger jest inside and rubbed my clitoris the next thing I felt two finger going inside me OH GOG they went straight to the right place she knew exactly what she was doing it was a few seconds before I was gasping in her mouth

She got me off I twisted and jerked under her she made me climax I don't think its ever happened the way she did it so fast and it was intense she let me come down slowly and gently still fingering me it wasn't a high then nothing she made it last I was breathless

She stood up held a had out I looked up at her she stood there her blouse was out her skirt it come open she was almost topless her breasts are quite large that made them droop a little she had long nipples that where very stiff, I took her hand she lead me like a sheep to her bedroom we didn't speck once in there we stood near the bed Sharon turned to face she looked in my eyes as she started to undress me I was letting her she didn't rush it was very slow and very erotic the way she did it as she undid my shirt top

as it open she kissed my neck then my shoulders she pushed it off as she did she reached round undoing my bra it fell away she then took one breast and licked the nipple then sucked it, it went rock hard she did the same to the other she then kissed me on the lips at the same time my skirt came loose then dropped to the floor she moved me to the bed sat me down with her fingers in the waste of my tights she pulled I lifted my bum she slowly rolled them down my legs with my panties and took them off my feet, we still not spoken she stood back looking at me undid her skirt that fell to the floor I was surprised to see she was knicker less all she had on was hold up stockings and heels her pubic hair was shaved I was looking at her pubic mound right at her pussy it seemed to long the lips hung down and where fleshy at the top of her slit was a large clitoris under a prominent hood

She steeped out of her shoes and came over to me as she got on the bed I moved up with her, she we kissed she then licked one ear then my nick onto my shoulder to my breast I lay on my back she payed a lot of attention to my tits sucking my nipples a long time that really turned me on from there she kissed her way over my tummy all round my pussy then down one thigh to my knee and right down to my foot and toes then back up the other leg as she got close to my pussy I was on fire, we where almost head to toe she parted my thighs and oh my god as soon as she used her tongue I exploded she had to hold me down Christ I never experienced a sensation like it Sharon had two fingers inside me in jest the right place my clitoris in her mouth sucking it her tongue lashed it at the same time I had my legs wide open I was arched up my body shock and trembled I was screaming it lasted and lasted I have never cum like that but she stayed with me bring me down it was wonderful as I came back to the living I looked over she was still licking me the way she knelt with her legs apart it was easy to reach her pussy I put my hand out and touched it

It was very wet as my fingers slipped in she felt open I fingered her as much as I could from there I rubbed her clit it was aroused and felt enormous really long more like a baby cock I could hear her moaning she then lifted one leg over my head we where in a 69 position she was on top I have never seen another woman's vagina close up before

She was going to town om me again she pushed her thighs apart more that made her lower she pussy was right in my face I put my tongue out she was very wet as my tongue went right in the in between her lips I could taste her my very first taste of a woman I liked it I couldn't use my fingers only my tongue but I did play with her tits at the same time

I got that clitoris in my mouth heel its like a small cock very stiff and long she was very turned on she was getting me off again it must took her over the top as well I didn't expect what happened when she cum my face went wet the fluid filled my mouth at the same time I hit my peak we lay together panting

hen she got off we where both breathless we hugged and kissed again after a time Sharon said was it good for you I said yes and hugged her she said you started to squirt like I do I shout of told you I can cum like that I did over your face sorry I was laying in a wet patch so I must of cum a lot more than normal we lay together a long time

Sharon asked if I like a shower I said yes thinking I have a shower alone but no we had one together I really liked that being washed the dried, we them went back to bed we made love twice more that night I had to rush home in morning to go to work we are now lovers I am having an affair with Sharon which works well as my husband is away all week I am learning lot of new things as we go along