Written by Aduniboy

9 Apr 2018

Raj and I have been buddies since uni days way back in early 1990's , both met our partners there , Pretti and Michelle . We had the most amazing time , ended up in many foursums with each other , sex was very open . The girls would luv to watch masturbate and suck each other. We would then have fantastic sex with each other. It was the first time I had met an Indian couple and Pretti was a complete nympho.

We married moved to different parts of the country but kept in touch . I got divorced a few years back and last Christmas was invited to their place in Hertfordshire for New Years. This is when I met there daughter , 22 years old wow , sexy as Pretti and thought all those uni memories back . She is petite , lovely 34D boobs and long sexy legs size 8.

Just before stroke of 12 , I was outside having a smoke with her , both extremely pissed . I complemented her on her looks and commented , 'she must be very popular with the lads' . She replied' I prefer older and experienced guys'.

I was so turned on with her comment and been very close, we brushed each other sharing the drag . Been out of sight , leaned forward and had a semi snog with her tongue inside me. Rest of the night we kept our distance but eyes firmly on each other.

I wanked myself many times in the spare bed thinking of her.

A month ago I was invited back again , this time to help, Rekha(daughter) move into her flat . I jumped on the opportunity . Both Raj and Pretti were busy that day.

I met Rekha alone. got chatting and helped her to assemble her bed and wardrobe. In one of her boxed, whilst lifting . dropped a large vibrator. She wasn't shy at all , just said' oh glad i found that for tonight'! She turned it on and showed me rubbing it close to her vagina.

I just grabbed her and we kissed . Really deep and long . Her hands had my t shirt off and stroking my shaved chest . I moved my hands on her breasts , sidelining her bra to expose a lovely pairs of hard nipples. I pushed her on the bed , stripped her jeans off and a very soaking and shaved pussy was exposed . I immediately began to suck her juices . She was so loud in her moans , pushing my head deeper into her vagina. I began to tongue fuck her , rubbing my fingers on the clit.

She shouted 'Fuck me Adam, hard '.

My cock was throbbing at this stage and lighting her long legs over my shoulders , i entered her deep . As I began to fuck her , her hips were moving with my rhythm . She wanted my cock deep. It was wasn't long before she tensed up and screamed to her 1st cum. I continued until I felt my cum , took my cock out and sprayed my spunk all over her breasts.

We snogged for ages .

Rekha then slipped down and began to suck me deep till hard again . This time. she was top, guided my cock in her and began to ride me while scratching my chest with her long nails .

'Are you loving this?' she kept asking

'Yes . Yes I shouted '

Faster and faster she rode me , until she came again and waiting till I pushed her away for another spunk release. This time she sucked and cleaned me off.

Since then , we have sexted many times, and I have met her 3 times , with nights of full blown sex..

Do I carry on or put a stop to it..???