Written by ukindianwife

4 Jan 2015

My affair with Mark carried on over the next few months and even though I had a few experiences with other guys, it had become obvious to me that I was now obsessed with huge cocks. My Sexual confidence also grew and with my new found freedom and sexual awakening, I had started to dress little sexier and I always made sure that my makeup was perfect.

It was some time however before I experienced my second, hugely endowed guy.

On a girls night out I bumped into a friend that I hadn’t seen since schooldays. Miya was also Indian and was a few years older than me. She was always seen as one of the hottest girls in our area and was always in high demand with the local guys.

She was really happy to see me after all this time and complimented me on my new look. I was really happy and over the next few weeks we kept in contact. She explained that her parents had arranged a guy for her and that she had reached that dreaded time that Indian girls will understand. “The arranged marriage”. I just couldn’t believe that Miya was someone who would go down that route but she seemed pretty resigned to it.

She explained that her husband to be was a pretty nice guy etc. As we got into conversation she admitted that she would miss her freedom. Nights out and her fuck buddy. My ears pricked up at this and during our “girly chats” I also admitted to my situation with Mark.

When I told her about “his size” she smiled and said that she knew of a guy who was also had a massive cock.

She could sense my interest and went on to say that, I may even know him. His name was Dev and he was a guy who was Miya’s age. I did know of him but I had never spoke to him.

Miya claimed that Dev had a huge cock that was easily 10 inches. I was shocked and my interest was a little too obvious. Miya assured me that it was true and even showed by a picture on her phone of her little slim fingers handling an enormous brown cock. Even though the picture didn’t show any faces, it was obvious that it was Miya. That night I came so many times over the image of Dev’s monster cock. It looked even longer than Mark’s but from what I could see, not quite as thick. But still a very big, fat cock.

I didn’t have to wait long to sample for myself. Miya called me to ask if I was going out over the weekend? I was up for night out with Miya but it was then she dropped the bombshell. She wanted to arrange for Dev to hook up with us as well. She told me to make sure to dress sexy.

I met up with Miya before hitting the bars in town and I was glad that she was as dolled up as me. Two tiny Gujarati Indian girls in tight little black dresses and heels. We got the attention of lots of guys that night but we were only interested in one thing that night.

When Dev turned up he couldn’t keep his eyes off me and my little shaven pussy began to melt when I saw the long, heavy bulge that hung down the right leg of his jeans.

Over the next hour or so we socialised in the bar before we left in a cab for Dev’s flat. We all made for the back seat of the cab and as the driver made small talk, Miya started to feel up Dev’s huge cock bulge. I was looking down biting my lip and within seconds, I couldn’t resist having a feel for myself. He was big. Very big.

Luckily the Taxi driver didn’t seem to notice and finally we arrived at Dev’s place.

Let’s just say that over the next few hours I could see why Miya was going to miss Dev. His cock was indeed massive and to be fair to him, he fucked the both of us for ages that night. He fully satisfied two Indian cock sluts with his big powerful penis.

Miya watched on as Dev and I stood in the middle of the room snogging deeply. Dev was touching my shapely ass and had lifted my short dress up exposed my plump G String clad bottom. Miya commented that I had a lovely arse and was soon up behind me kissing my neck as Dev and I continued to kiss.

Miya suggested that it was time to see what he had for us and we sat together on the sofa, our little dresses riding high as Dev stood in front of us. Miya shifted forward and unbuttoned his jeans. Her little hand reached inside and drew out his fucking, massive cock. Even semi hard I knew he was going to swell to enormous proportions. Miya whispered “come here babe and help me with this”. We spend the next few minutes sharing Dev’s beautiful cock until it stood out rock hard and yes, he really did have 10 inches of tool on him.

Two pretty Gujarati girls sharing a massive cock. Miya fisted him off into my mouth and I sucked him off as deeply as possible. Dev’s cock was much easier to suck than Mark’s overtly thick dick. As we shared Dev’s giant erection, I was not prepared for what came next. After only what seemed like a few minutes, Miya pulled Dev’s rock hard tool from her lips and started to tongue kiss me. I’d never had any girl on girl contact before but I enjoyed our little snogging session. But not as much as Dev. My eyes opened at just the right time as Dev unloaded a massive cum shot over the Miya’s wanking fist and the side of her upturned face. Even though it was so see such a big cock cum so heavy over my friends pretty face I was disappointed that I hadn’t had him inside me yet.

There was no need to worry. Dev took us to his bedroom and within 10 minutes he was fully recovered. His massive cock was rock hard once again, thanks to a little more kissing and cock sucking. Clothes were discarded and I remember being on my back with my legs open waiting to feel Dev’s huge bareback cock inside me. Miya assured me that Dev was “all good” and as soon as he crammed that fucking amazing dick into me, he began to hammer my over exciting little cunt. I creamed off all over his brown cock, coating him in my creamy Indian pussy juice. Miya was watching on, fingering her surprisingly hairy pussy.

This was the start of a wild night of hard sex. I can’t remember how many times I came but things got completely out of hand. At one point Miya even touched up my clit as Dev spunked his load up my young Indian cunt. Dev continued to prove that he was indeed a proper hung stud. His favourite thing was to have us side by side with our arses in the air as he fucked each of us alternately. I felt such a slut but it was indeed an amazing night of hot sex that was unfortunately a one off.

Over the next few months however, I continued to see both Mark and now Dev. This was a very sexually satisfying time for me as I had two huge thick cocks to keep a young Indian slut happy.