Written by november01

4 Oct 2009

Following on from part 3,and still in the bath, J,excused herself and left myself anf F to contemplate. We finished our wine and dryed off leaving to join J in the room next door. We were greeted by the sight of J dressed in a short Baby Doll nightie. For a Lady aged late fifties she was everything I had ever dreamed of. J held out my hand and I took it. We kissed then French kissed. F, still naked sat in a hotel chair, admiring our lovemaking. J's perfume was intoxicating. I knelt on the carpet before her, pushing her safely backwards to sit on the bed I took her foot in my hand and started to suck and nible at her toes. Gradually my tongue worked its way along her naked legs, kissing nibbling, inhaling the scent of her body. Finally arriving at her pussy I parted her legs firmly with my hands and began to lick. J had shaved her pussy lips yet allowed a small tuft of hair to remain on her mound. I kissed and nibbled arousing my sweetheart then, when the time was right I parted her pussy to reveal her swollen clitoris. I commanded F to join us and to 'Hold Her' next I burried my head between J's thighs and covered her clitoral area with my mouth. For the next five minutes I used my tongue to lash foward and backwards stroking her clitoris, never once removing my mouth from her sex. Eventually J reached orgasm and as she did F French kissed her, truly a sensual moment for the three of us. Comments welcomed, correspond if you wish, to be continued.