Written by liz

20 Feb 2010

like to tell you story of one of my experiences with my fuck buddy 'h'....i get soooo horny just thinking of what he'll do to me...

i have my dildo condoms lube with me, he's is a really heavy relationship with his partner she'd kill him if she found out wereas my partner wouldnt care....he luvs my big tits he plays with them he's got big hands licks and sucks them..im gettins so wet

his cock is now hard, as he puts his hand into my panties and plays with my clit teasing me talking dirty to me i beg him to finger fuck me hard he does ..hard harder i cry i want to flood, keep wanking me i cry. then i flood we strip. he has a big cock which i take in my mouth going deep throat on it . i then lie between his legs and have myself a feast on his balls while i finger his ass i keep wanking him he begs me not to make him

cum to quickly he likes to fuck me hard ..i then get up on all 4's and he enters me slow to start with then fuck fuck fuck me hard. after we've cum i lick him hard again so he can fuck my ass.mmmmm 'h' luvs to then bend me right over and fist me,

god its all good..

we also like to do it in car, open air, in tent, toilets, anywhere we can but thats another story...