Written by lackslength

16 Mar 2011

It started by us watching porn together!

I could always tell which cocks got her turned on by her increased breathing and her hands moving towards her smooth pussy.

It turned me on watching her getting hot looking at other mens cocks.

One night we were watching a particular raunchy movie and had both been drinking more than usual, which made us a lot less inhibited and freed up our chat on our fantasies.

Itold her how it turned me on watching her getting excited and wet looking at mens cocks, which she replyed by saying "yes and I think that it excites you not just me getting wet looking, but you like the cocks too !" Which I freely admitted to !

Well from that first conversation we soon started to tell each other more of our secret fantasies.How she yearned to have her pussy filled by a really big cock, or to have a few men giving her it hard in all of her holes!

I told her how I would like to see her with another man too, but was a bit worried that if she had a big one she might not want mine again.

The next few weeks our chats continued along the same vein, but as time went on we included a few more fantasies that we hadn't spoke of before. I assumed it was just chat and she wouldn't ever actualy go through with them so I used to make up dirty senarios for fun.This proved to be rather foolhardy of me, which will become quite apparant when I tell you about the experiences that followed.

One of her fantasies was to watch me suck another mans cock.I had told her that I would do it for her, but would feel more inclined to do it if I was in a submissive role, so I could excuse myself if I had regrets doing it as I wouldn't be the one in control!

I was in the bath one friday night, when she shouted to me to hurry up as we had somebody visiting us."who is it" I asked.

Unbeknown to me she had joined a swinging site.We had a couples membership and she had included many of our fantasies in our profile.She had included that I was submissive with a small cock and that she wanted a REAL man ! She also had ticked bi males box for people we were looking for.

He turned up at our house about an hour after I had found out about her posting this profile .He was a friendly guy,fit body and not too shabby looking also.His name was John and was bi curious.We chatted for a bit about the weather etc before the G/F turned the conversation to sex.

She told me how she had chatted to John a few times and he had wanked on cam for her,which took me by suprise but inwardly turned me on too.

She had invited him because he told her how he was curious to have a man suck him off and he liked the idea of it happening in the presence of a lady.

As the conversation continued I realised that my G/F had obviously been chatting to alot more men than John, as I was coming to terms with those thoughts my G/F told John to undo his trousers and get his cock out for me to see.

She told me to strip off so John could see my pathetic excuse for a cock. Which I did but not with the speed or confidence that John had. I was now stood there naked waiting for my G/f to direct her next order,but they were enjoying exploring each other and seemingly had forgotten I was there.

I coughed nervously to get their attention, which eventually it did.They looked up at me and she sneered " look john what do you think of that then?"

He wasn't to sure if he should say anything nasty towards me at first. Not until she made it quite clear that was what she wanted. He soon warmed to the task though!

My G/F told me to lay down on the bed next to John and she shuffled us about so she could get our cocks close to each other.To enable her to do some comparing.

Well as you can imagine it was very embarrasing for me his lovely long length completely dwarfed my little willy.Whilst the G/F was playing with Johns cock he had been roughly pulling at her nipples and I could tell she was so horny she was going to explode.

She told me that she wanted me to take her panties off to give john better access. So I knelt infront of her and pulled them down. I remarked to her how wet her panties seemed to be with which she retorted "Well of course when I'm with a real man I do get wet, I even squirt, but obviously you don't know that do you ?"

John joined in the abuse and suggested that I should have to wear her wet panties as my cock was smaller than her clitty.

"Yes good idea" my G/F said so thats what I did. She then told me to get between Johns legs and get to grips with a proper penis.I didn't need to be told twice by now I couldn't wait to feel it. I was amazed how hard it was and could see his precum glistening on his helmet.

I ran my hand up and down his shaft feeling every last inch of his tool. Watching how his foreskin moved over his helmet then back again exposing the bell end.I cupped his big balls and felt the heat of them on my hands.

My G/F watched intensely whilst John was fingering her pussy. He said "I could get use to this, me playing with your G/F 's pussy whilst you play with my cock ! I'm doing you a favour, satisfying your mrs, and letting you play with a cock worth playing with "

I looked up at him and said "yes thankyou"

"Right then enough of the talking suck his cock now" I was told . I put it in my mouth slowly , I could taste the precum . he started to buck his hips which sent his cock to back of my throat , which made me gag.

As this was happening my G/F had shifted position she was now sat on johns face he was lapping up her juices and her face was next to mine she was saying how john was licking her out better than me, and then she said " can you recognise the taste on Johns cock?" I replyed "I can taste precum I think" with which she answered "Its my pussy juice you can taste because John has fucked me already today he fucked me hard and shot his cum deep inside me"

The conversation was enough to send John over and he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed some but there was too much . So my G/F quickly replaced her mouth where mine had been saying to me how she wants Johns cum in all her holes.

Well she got what she wanted and we had quite a few more meetings with John. We also met other men and she also had 2 men at once which was another great evening that I may write about soon.