Written by M.K

18 May 2016

May I share with you several real experiences that I have enjoyed at various gay cruising/dogging locations around Peterbrough .

I'm a bisexual man living in Peterbrough and regularly visit lots of the local gay dogging locations around the area Wansford lay bye being one , Southey woods and the embankment car park near the slipway to the river, also the long lay bye on the A1 near to the A14 turning after Alconbury.

Now I like to put on a basque, stockings and suspenders including high heels and have a kinky fetish for silk panties so you could say I'm a bit of a crossdresser, so my sexiest Wansford experience whilst dressed in my lingerie happened one evening around 7.30 ish I was feeling incredibly turned on at the thought of a stranger touching me up at a well known gay spot , I parked in the gateway and awaited any body walking past , I noticed head lights behind my mx5 and soon realised that the driver was looking for fun , he parked behind got out and walked past my car several times looking in , then he approached the drivers side and said hi ,what are you interested in ?? I replied everything really as long as it's safe , I looked directly at his buldge and said that I would love a facial !! With that he took his cock out and stood right in front of the window , I took his full length into my mouth and sucked him after a while he pulled away and said get out almost demanding me to obey as I got out he spun me round lifted my little dress and roughly rubbed me through my panties , I was bursting out my panties and feeling incredibly horney then straight away he pulled my panties aside and started exploring me as he found my pussy he pushed his finger up my arse and started to finger fuck me ..wow I nearly shot my load immediately , I pleaded with him to fuck me but he was close to Cumming himself then all of a sudden he started to Cum covering my panties and back he then rubbed his finger in his Cum then put it in my mouth , now I don't mind admitting the taste of his Cum and my hole was incredible , then in a flash he straightened himself and was in his car and gone . Well there i am just been finger fucked and covered in a complete strangers Cum! Dressed in silk Cum drenched panties high heels stockings etc so I got in the car and drove home stopping briefly in a lay bye on the castor bypass to change before arriving home with a fictitious tale to tell the wife where I had been ! Amazing ..