Written by Tony

24 May 2010

i just had to tell this story.

a few weeks back myself and my girlfriend of 3 years had gone out for a few drinks down the local as the landlord was leaving. The night was going really well lots of people there, the only problem is my girlfriend never takes her drink too well and if she drinks wine all night she never seems to remember the what happens the following day. and it gets her really randy.

My girlfriend is 38 about 5'3 petite build dark short hair with 32b cup titties and of irish decent.

She loves to dance and at one point was dancing with this local guy we know who hasn't a girlfriend and takes a shine to my girlfriend - he it tall dark hair and 53 years old. They are dancing around to rock un role and you she he enjoys grabbing her around the waste.

She is wearing a a summer dress with no bra and her cleveage lookes so nice in that dress. As the night moves on we seem to get split up and i end up chatting to a group of guys about football.

She seems to have disapered so i went looking for her - anyway i couldnt find her anywhere and wondered if she had gone home - so i walked back to her house it was around 12 at night

The door was locked but the hall light was on as she always leaves it on once she gets home. I rung the bell a few times but no answer then i called the land line and no answer so i walked back to my house around the corner thinking she had gone home and just passed out.

I went to bed but couldn't sleep wondering if she was ok - it was about 2:30am - so i got up and walked round to hers - as i got there i heard the front door go.... so i managed to hide behind a hedge - the guy she had been dancing with shut the door behind him and left! my heart was racing thinking of what she had been up too.

i went to the door it was not locked - i called her but nothing so i walked upstairs to her bedroom - she was fast asleep naked on he bed!

The hall light was on casting some light into her bedroom......i could see she had a love bite on her shoulder, her nipples looked red raw from being bitten and sucked and red hand prints on her ass. Down by the side of the bed was some anne summers lubricant i had got her but never used plus a pack of opened condoms...two of the three had been opened and both full of his cum..

As i rolled her onto her back her shaved pussy had swollen lips...also her ass glistened from the lubricant so guess he had done her in there too.

As i tried to wake her she called out the guys name and said....please fuck me again i need more of you!!!

In the morning she admitted everything to me.....