Written by Richard

20 Nov 2014

I've been seeing my girlfriend now for 3 years and she told me from the beginning that she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way. She is terrified of having a cock force it's way in her. I love her and accept it.

She is up for just about anything else though and wanks me, sucks me and even lets me arse fuck her.

She loves wearing sexy lingerie and my reaction when she wears it.

Recently she has taken to showing herself off more, with slit skirts that show her stocking tops and even going out with no panties.

She recently went to a leaving do at work and I got her to go in her stockings and no panties.

Here she said she had several dances with a 19 year old, whose hands slid down her dress and felt her suspenders. She said he had a really big erection whilst they were dancing and it made her come down her stockings.

It's really quite bizarre but I've got to hope that he will be the one to take her virginity and I wank off about it all the time.

Are we both unique? I certainly don't expect there are many 27 year old virgins about.

I know many of you reading this will think this isn't true but I assure you it is.