Written by cyberdog

3 Nov 2012

My Girls 1st Black Experience

I'd like to share with you an experience my girlfriend & I had last year. My gf was working as a nurse so worked many nights & long shifts. She had made friends with this guy at her workplace called Joe. He was a very large - black guy, 6ft tall & big in every sense of the word. She had recounted to me how they often flirted at work together. He was obsessed with her! I should explain my gf is 5'7 size 12 with 36DD boobs, very pretty & the most amazing come to bed & fuck me eyes!!

We had been out shopping in town, visiting Ann Summers where my GF bought a very sexy, black tight dress which has slashes in it to expose lots of flesh. We ended up going to a few pubs and had gotten quite tipsy. Whilst we were chatting she showed me some txt messages that Joe & she had been sending. He'd included some cock pics & was very graphic in what he'd like to do with her. I was partly annoyed that this had been going on but also aroused by it.

We decided to make our way home for an evening of more drinking, porno watching & some serious fucking fun - with my gf trying out her new outfit!! At home I showered whilst my gf had a bath, taking great care to shave herself as she knows I like her to have a smooth pussy when we have our play nights. I dressed as requested black combats & tight T-shirt, barefooted as she likes that. I took her a drink to the bedroom but wasn't allowed in the room as she said she wanted to suprise me with her new sexy outfit. I didn't complain or mind this at all!

After taking her a few more drinks up & texting her from downstairs telling her how hard I was & excited watching a porno. It dawned on me that she had been getting ready for over an hour! I also noticed that her txt msg's back were very brief & infrequent. I must admit I was starting to feel a little frustrated & decided that I'd better go see what was taking so long?

As I got to our bedroom door I could hear her moaning & the distinctive sound of her rabbit vibrator buzzing away.. I opened the door to find her laying back on our bed with her legs wide open & the rabbit working it's magic in her already very wet pussy! She looked up & jumped as she obviously hadn't heard me enter... She was quite snappy with me & told me to get out & wait for her! As I was leaving I noticed her phone light up & a txt alert msg was displayed - "New Message from Joe".

I simply said ok - I'll be waiting for you downstairs.

I sat down waiting, sipping my drink mind racing... Had she been texting him? What had she been saying? My cock was aching at the horny thoughts spinning round my head. I decided to change the porno to one with a couple of guys fucking a very cute blonde girl - one guy white & one large very well hung black guy (a favourite of mine). As I sat watching the movie I started playing with my very hard cock waiting for the gf to appear.... Another 5 minutes or so passed & finally she appeared.. She looked absolutely amazing!!! Very tarty makeup, red lipstick, her new figure hugging dress, holdups which I could just glimpse the tops of & some high heeled strappy come fuck me shoes!! Wow!! Was all I could say..

She stood pouting at me saying hmmm nice cock baby - is that for me?

I replied yes my sexy one all hard & ready to please you! She slowly walked around the room bending over slowly ensuring I got a good look up her dress. I could see her red thong nicely dividing her arse cheeks & barely covering her delicious freshly shaved pussy.

She was driving me wild with her teasing looks and what she was saying - eventually she sat down next to me & took over slowly wanking my cock whilst watchin the movie. I was stroking her thigh, slowly working my way up to her what I knew would be soaking wet thong. As we watched the blonde girl getting spit roasted on the screen my hand was stroking my gf's pussy through her thong - which was nice & moist!

The conversation turned as it often did in such situations to fantasizing that it was us in the movie. My gf announced she needed a pee & went off to the bathroom. It was then I noticed her phone on the sofa arm... Curiosity got the better of me & I opened up the messages & read through the texts to Joe.

There were about 15 messages that had been exchanged whilst she was getting ready, started by my gf. She'd sent him a few photo's one of her boobs, one of her in her outfit & one of her pussy with her rabbit into the hilt!! Joe's replies were quite descriptive of how he'd love to fuck her with his big black cock! He'd also sent a few pics of him wanking his cock over her pics.

I was so horny & a little annoyed that she'd took so long getting ready whilst texting him. I decided to turn a fantasy into a reality! I forwarded his number to my phone, then closed her messages & locked her phone before carefully placing it back where it had been left. Literally seconds later my gf appeared. I noticed her first glance was towards her phone.

As she went to sit back down I said my turn for a pee now lol and headed off to the bathroom. Having a pee was the last thing on my mind! As soon as I was in the bathroom I sent Joe a msg :

"Hello Joe - this is the bf of the sexy nurse who you have been texting this evening. I would very much like you to come over & help me fuck her like she has never been fucked before"

I decided to take a pee afterall and compose myself a little. My phone lit up - "New msg from Joe"

Quicky I opened the message up and read his reply:

"Hi - I would love to cum & fuck her with you!! What's your address?"

I sent Joe our address & requested he just come in when he got to ours. Don't knock but walk in and join in the fun!!

I unlocked the front door as I made my way back to my gf who was sat watching the young blonde girl getting fucked really hard by the huge black cock on screen !

Instead of sitting down I got down in front of her & started to kiss my way up her legs, lightly biting her on the way up. As I was doing this she opened her legs wider to allow me access up her dress. Finally I reached her soaking thong & proceeded to lick her through the material for a good few minutes.. The temptation was too much and I had to remove the thong as it was obscuring my view & getting in the way of the delights beneath it!

As I resumed slowly licking & probing her with my tongue I felt her fingers stroking my head. I started to flick her clit with my tongue & felt her tense up as her 1st orgasm ripped through her. I lapped contentedly at her juices which as always tasted divine.

As I felt her relax a little I looked up at her as I slid a finger into her pussy & started to slowly finger fuck her. She was so wet... as I worked up a slow rhythm I pushed 2 and then 3 fingers up into her. Our eyes locked and you could feel the sexual arousal between us. I instructed her to watch the movie to which she obeyed. I continued to work my fingers in & out of her feeling how tight & wet she was.

I asked her what she was thinking about to which she replied - I was thinking I'd like to star in this porno movie I'm watching. I started to tease her imagination by saying I'd love to watch you being stretched by a big black cock... Hmmm was her response. She then patted the sofa indicating we should swap positions. I readily agreed & sat down with my cock still standing hard & ready. She then proceeded to suck me - she is amazing at that I have no idea how many cocks she has sucked in her life but she has the technique down to a fine art! I started to feel the beginnings of my own orgasm & warned that unless she relented a little she would soon have a mouthful of cum! She slowed down to a more manageable pace, slow long sucking movements, bobbing her head up & down.

I was in heaven and held her head in place. It was at that moment the living room door opened & there standing naked was Joe... His cock already hard & a pretty impresive size I reckon around 10" and as thick as a deodorant can. The gf was oblivious to his presence & was there on her knees bent forward busy sucking on my cock, her pussy glistening, ready & on show to anybody who happened to be behind her!

Joe wasted no time he moved behind her placed one hand on her back I assume to stop her moving & expertly guided his rock solid monster cock straight into her!! I saw her eyes go very wide in suprise.. She tried to move her head to see who it was that had just started to fuck her. I held her head fast so she couldn't turn at all. Joe then proceeded to pound the fuck out of her!! I could hear his big balls slapping against her and with every deep powerful thrust her mouth sank further onto my cock. I was so excited by the view in front of me - my gf being fucked hard by Joe combined with the attention my cock was receiving I came hard. Shooting spurts of hot cum into my gf's mouth. I held her head in place ensuring she swallowed all I was giving her.

As my climax subsided I let go of her head & scooted out off the sofa so I could take some pics of the action. Joe was still fucking her hard & deep. She had now seen who was fucking her & had her head on the sofa gasping for breath!

It really was a dream come true being able to watch my gf getting serviced by a BBC just like in the porno's we'd watched together so often.

I told Joe I was going to take some photo's which he didn't object to (although he did ask we keep them for private use only as he didn't want his Fiancee seeing them!) I assured him they will be for our eyes only.

As he continued to fuck my gf from behind I got some excellent shots of his big black meat stretching her pussy. Joe moved so that he straddling her from behind which enabled him to penetrate her even deeper. He was fucking her with slow deliberate & very hard strokes. I was amazed at just how much of his huge cock she able to take.

He was obviously getting close to his own 1st orgasm - I suggested for the camera that he shoot his load over her arse... Which he did - lots of it! It looked like a horse had cum over her arse!

I was by this time ready to go again so keeping the gf where she was I took his place. I am quite well endowed myself but not as large as Joe - I was suprised she could feel me after the monster cock but she obviously could as she started to moan out loud. I inserted a finger in her arse which pushed her over the edge & she came - hard... I could feel her pussy gripping my cock in spasms! I wasn't ready to finish yet - so suggested she lay on her back. She did as instructed and when she was in position I grabbed her legs & placed them on my shoulders - exposing her & allowing me to enter her hard & deep. As i started to fuck her again Joe knelt down near her head to allow her to suck on his cock.

It was a lovely site watching her greedily suck on his dick. Her mouth having to stretch wider as it began to grow in size again. I mentioned this is where having a photographer would be handy lol Joe added or a film crew! I was again feeling the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm & buried my cock as deep as I could - filling her pussy with cum.

I pulled out of her & went to sit down to recover. Joe moved to take my place but was told to hang on a while as my gf needed a drink! He did offer to cum in her mouth but she told him not that kind of drink - well not yet.

Joe joined me on the sofa with the gf sat between us. She was flushed & very hot. She asked if I'd get us all a drink which I was more than happy to do. I'd noticed that the movie had started to repeat. So stopped it & put another on - this time one featuring a Milf who gets visited by a group of guys. (I'd seen this movie a few times but knew the gf hadn't).

Off I went to the kitchen to fix the drinks.. Upon returning I was greeted by the sight of my gf sucking on Joe's cock again - she is a real cock slut & when in the mood just loves cock!! I took a few more photo's loving the action. Joe again said he was close to cumming and he held her head in place as he shot his load into her mouth... She was tapping his leg to let him know that she wanted to get up.. Joe just laughed & said no no no little white slut you drink my cock juice and when I'm happy you have swallowed it all then you can come up! I was smiling to myself as I knew this would be a real turn on for her as she has often said she likes to be man handled & dominated. One of her fantasies is to be used by a group of men.

When Joe was satisfied that she had swallowed all he had given her he pulled her head up by her hair & kissed her hard on her lips. Just checking you weren't holding it in ur mouth he told her.

We all sat as before gf in the middle of us both.. all watching the movie as the Milf was being treated roughly by 3 guys, pulling her hair & fucking her pussy, mouth & arse at the same time! Both Joe & I were fingering my gf & playing with clit, which by her squirming I could tell she was loving. Joe said " I bet you would enjoy being slut like that - fucked hard in everyhole". My gf replied it would be very horny yes but she'd only ever done anal with me & she was wasted at the time. Joe just laughed & said missy you wouldn't have a choice!

I glanced across & could see she was wanking Joe's pole which was rock hard again. My gf turned and mounted his huge cock, sliding her pussy down it's length. It looked so fucking amazing! She then started to fuck him - Joe assisting her by lifting her up and the forcing her down on his manhood. On every downward movement she groaned obviously loving the deep penetration.

I had been playing with my cock & was ready to go again also. I decided her ass was mine, so positioned myself behind her and pushed her forward enough so that her arse was available. I worked a couple of fingers into her arse and started to expand her ready to take my cock.

She turned her head saying I don't think so Mr! I then repeated Joe's words to her - missis you don't have a choice. I then positioned my cock & using my fingers as a guide pushed my whole length up her arse!

She yelped a little but soon accepted her fate and let us DP her!

We continued at a steady pace for a few minutes to let her get acustomed to the new feeling. After a while she was noticeably more into the sensation and began to actively push back to take the cocks as deep as she could. Joe & I nodded in silent agreement obviously thinking the same thought. We then increased the pace & force of our fucking. Joe holding her up enough so that he could control his pace, slamming his monster cock into her so hard she was starting to shake. I also increased my pace & power to really fuck her arse. She was by now throwing her head back screaming dirty talk - things like "come on then boys fuck me harder", " I fucking love cock" & OMG I am gonna cum so hard please please fill me with your hot spunk!

This just made us fuck her even harder - after a few minutes of intense action both Joe & I announced we were gonna cum! We did almost simultaneously! My gf also came again - triggered by both her holes being flooded with hot sticky spurts.

I pulled out of her & sat back on the floor, she unmounted Joe's now semi hard cock & sat back on the sofa gasping. Joe sat with his head back also gasping for air!

We were all pretty spent by now. After we had recovered we all sat & had another drink & finished watching the film. There was alot of talk about another meet up. Joe suggesting that next time he bring a few equally well endowed friends. He suggested that I could film the action. The gf said she'd think about it! lol

When Joe had left we had a chat about the evenings events. She wasn't very happy that I'd been through her phone! I commented that I wasn't over the moon about the content of the messages between them & had decided to invite Joe over as she obviously fancied him & his cock. I explained that I'd often fantasised about her being fucked by a BBC and thought that this would be an ideal opportunity to make that particular fantasy a reality.

Since that night we have often talked about it and have shared our different takes on what happened. My gf no longer works at the hospital as she has progressed her career. She also no longer has Joe's number as he has apparently changed it when his Fiancee discovered the texts he had on it. Not only from my gf but also from quite a few of the nurses. I have found him on Facebook but haven't told the gf... Although I can imagine if she wanted to find him she would also be able to.

We have talked about the possibilty of her getting used by a group of men. She likes the fantasy of the situation but reckons it should stay that way. I'm not so sure as we really enjoyed our play session with Joe & that would have stayed a fantasy had I not made it happen for real.

Who knows what the future holds?