Written by honeyhole69

4 Jun 2015

Hi I am Sara and this is the follow on to my first story of my holiday fun on a island in the Med, I met a local man in his 30's who sported a good all over tan (his big cock was the same colour as the rest of him) and we ended our first meeting (my first day of my holiday) having sex on the beach and in the sea.

I woke early slipped on a bikini bottom my flip flops and a see thru t-shirt and with my towel crept out the door leaving my husband in a deep sleep, as I had told my lover I would meet him at the beach . Due to the delights of great sex I had not even asked him his name the day before or given him mine, on my way to the beach I passed a few local men on their way to work who greeted me with a good morning and looked very pleased to see my 36E boobs thru my t-shirt.

I reached the spot on the beach where I first saw this brown hunk of a man to see a small pile of clothes and looking around I saw him in the sea swimming, I stripped off naked and waded out to him as he was swimming in, my nipples had gone hard, standing up as the spray from the waves hit them. I was met by him with a cuddle and a lovely kiss as he pulled me against his naked body, my hands grabbed his tight bum pulling him to me,

We waded in chatting hand in hand, I apologised to him that I had not told him my name the day before, as he told me he was Krystos or Kris, as he smiled. We dried each other an lay our towels out on the sand, sat down to chat facing each other, him sat back leaning on his arms ,legs apart his lovely cock growing as I watched while I sat x legged my pussy an boobs on display for him to look at.

He told me he could not stop thinking of me, his cock standing up most of the night, I told him I had been looking forward to this morning to see him again as he knelt up between my spread legs, pushed me back to lick, suck an kiss my hard nipples an boobs. He told me between breaths how he loved my body, my big boobs Yes! I loved his use of English words, he said you have gorgeous arse Yes!, if you were my woman I lick an suck your arse for hours as well as rest of body!

I told Kris to lay back on the towel as he did I swung my leg over him so we were in a 69 position, his use of his tongue was excellent, his lips sucking on my arse and my pussy lips ,probing his tongue inside me ,as he also nibbled my arse and pussy lips with his teeth, I soon had my first cum of the day.

He said you cum good, as I was holding his cock inspecting it along with his hard balls, licking, kissing them, before sucking them into my mouth before moving to place my lips over that huge head of his cock as I held it upright. I clamped my lips round the head my tongue tasting his pre-cum as it leaked while the tip of my tongue poked at his japs eye, my hand wet with my saliva rubbing his hard shaft he stopped to pull my arse onto his tongue, just as he pumped my mouth full with his cum as I began gulping it down, licking my lips after .

We both lay there relaxing , as he said sorry lady I cum your mouth but you good suck of cock and I not have for a long time, I said no it was good for me !, We sat up again and he told me to sit on him facing him so we could kiss and he could feel my boobs which he seemed to love from the attention he was giving them. As we kissed I had my fingers in his dark wavy hair , my other hand feeling his chest, six pack an down to his cock as it stirred to life once again.

I could feel my pussy was leaking my juices over Kris's cock an balls, I think Kris noticed as he put his hand down to adjust himself so the head of his cock was against my pussy lips which he also parted with his fingers. He told me I was beautiful, sexy lady, wish I could stay with him as he like to fuck me very much !, I said I cant do that but he can fuck me with his big cock for the rest of the week, he smiled !.

As we kissed holding each other his cock had stirred back to life and was now pressing into me as I asked if he would like me to sit on him reverse cowgirl so he could see my arse, watching my pussy slide up an down on his cock. Kris was very excited at the thought so I moved around as he held his cock while I pushed back feeling my lips around the head then pressing further onto it, as he repeated beautiful arse a few times as I rode his cock slowly , he pulled his rucksack under his head to lift his head up as his fingers an thumbs spread my arse wide lubricating an touching my starfish.

I love that feeling and was soon cumming over his cock once again, his thumb did probe my arse causing me to groan each time, he said beautiful pussy and arse make me want to cum again soon lady, you not want condom this time. I told him no I want to feel him fill my pussy with his cum like he had done the previous day in the sea, he said lady very good as Kris love to cum fill pussy with !

I was rocking back an forwards on his cock getting near to cumming again as Kris told me he want to cum fill pussy as lady cums , I was soon gasping out to him I was cumming as he groaned with me, he pussy fill with cum in his English , as I milked his cock of his cum ,before getting off him to lick his cock clean of our juices .

My pussy was leaking his cum down the insides of my thighs as I cleaned him up as he put a finger between my legs to scoop some juice on to his finger to lick off an share with me, we chatted as we dressed walking down the beach hand in hand stopping to kiss as we got to my apartment. Kris held me his fingers in my bottoms rubbing my pussy asking me to see him again tomorrow morning and then asked me if I could get out in the evening when my hubs was asleep, I said maybe as I gave his cock a squeeze thru his shorts as I gave him another kiss as he turned to go.

I hope you like my 2nd day, please tell me if you would like to hear more, xxxx Sara o