Written by gemma

8 Aug 2017

I married Rob 2 years ago last month on July 11th I was virgin when I met rob and he was my first and only love even though he had had sex with at least 6 other girls before we met . Robs brother is getting married in early September and Rob has just been to magaluf 5 weeks ago on the stag weekend .and on his return he told me jad had had sex with 2 women while there a total of five times. I was really upset but he kept insisting that when we go to Magluf last Thursday for a long weekend for Sian's Hen Party I should experiment with other men but before we left I was really worried and still upset.

We arrived in magaluf the first time i have been abroad without Rob and I shared a room with Emma Rob's sister who was also married. Thursday and Friday went very quietly as we sunbathed round the pool and on the beach and I even went topless for the first time. Emma was shocked when she saw that I had a full growth of pubic hair and her and Sian gave ne a brazilian shave on that first night. Sian was determined to have a good time but to be faithfull as we all said we would be.

On saturday I got a text of Rob telling me to get drunk and enjoy other men Emaa saw the text and I explained that I had only ever been with Rob and she was shocked so told the rest that we were going yo do some shoping an we would see them in th club around midnight. What I didn't realise was that she was taking me to some local bars were she knew we would get picked up it wasn't long when we were dancing with 2 scottish lads and I had another mans hand caressing my 32C bust under my top my nipples were soon rock hard they asked if we wanted to go for a walk and Sian agreed so of we went and we came to some waste land with a couple of small walls on and we finished up leaning against these walls out of sight of the road I felt a hand up my skirt rubbing me through the thin material of mt briefs and then felt 1 then 3 fingers enter me I was prssing against this hand as i started to have the beginnings of an orgasm i stopped kissing and saw that Sian had her legs wrapped around her bloke waist and he was fucking her for all he was worth . I felt my briefs pulled off then i was lifted and wrapped my legas around my bloke and felt a very hard cock start to part my lips and was soon right inside me and I was now being fucked by only the second man in my life I was biting and chewing his neck as i watched Siana go into orgasm and could feel another one building up as i felt him stiffen and push in further as several shot of hot spunk went deep inside me. He lifted me off as Sian said all change and before I knew it asecond man was entering my cunt and fucking me really hard as I leaned against the wall my bottom being banged into the concrete with each thrust sian was just finishing as he let out a yell and emptied his spunk deep inside me, as he came out he pushed mme down onto my knees and pushed his dick covered in his spunk and my juices into my moouth and i sucked and licked it clean. We both picked up our knickers put them on and thanked the 2 blokes and left.

Sian said there you are walking round with 2 mens spunk dripping into your knickers and on your chin. i couldn't believe what i had just done. I sent a text wit a photo of my swollen cunt dripping come to Rob

The rst of the weekend and what has happened since to follow