Written by jpjenny

14 Jun 2016

My life has turned upside down since l had sex with a guy at a wedding just over a year ago. l was drunk and wouldn't normally do anything like that. l felt real guilty about it, but then my husband admitted he had seen the whole event and it had turned him on, this made me feel better and erased my guilt and, in fact, allowed me to look back on the memory of what happened with enjoyment. A few months later we had a threesome with the same guy and it blew my mind. This has opened up a whole new world to me and makes me feel desirable to men, in fact, it makes me feel they way l did when l was a teenager going out partying at the weekends. What has happened over the last year has turned me into a complete slut and lm loving it. lm 30 with 36 d breasts, blonde hair and a great figure thanks to working out at the gym. But here is a story my husband doesn't know yet, but l will let him read it and see what his reaction is. He has posted a few stories on this site and l have enjoyed reading them, so know its his turn. My husband was going on a stag do with about 20 of his mates, they were to meet at our house and then be picked up by a bus they had hired to take them to Dublin for a nights partying. The bus arrived, picked them up, and away they went. One of his friends, Andrew, hadn't arrived at our house, he got divorced about 2 years ago, and was good friends with my husband and the future groom through work. l saw a car pull up to our house, the door opened, and l saw a figure get out of the passengers side, the car turned and drove away. As the figure moved into the light, l saw it was Andrew. l opened the door and let him in. Now Andrew is about 45, tall, looks after himself well and a real charmer, why his ex-wife ever left him l,ll never know. He is very good looking despite his age. He said; Don't tell me they,ve left without me; I told him the bus had left about 30 minutes ago. So l phoned my husband to tell him that Andrew was here and was there any way we could get him onto the bus. My husband said they would be in Dublin in about half an hour, but if l left Andrew to the train station he could meet up with them in temple bar. So we decided that was a good plan, as we could be at the train station in 15 minutes, so we checked the time table and there would be a train leaving in an hour at 7.00pm. Andrew said that he would be away behind the rest of the guys as far as drinking was concerned and did l have any booze in house. l told him sure, help yourself, and showed him were the drinks were kept. He cracked open a can of beer and poured himself out a straight vodka and knocked it back. ;Well. l do have a bit of catching up to do,; he said,; Everybody will be half pissed by the time l get down there. l don't want to be the only one sober.; I told him l would go and get changed and take him to the train station. When l came downstairs, Andrew had consumed half a bottle of vodka and was opening his 3rd can of beer. Lets go l said. He said it was too early to go as he didn't want to be standing around the train station waiting about to long. He thanked me for all my help and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. ;Your welcome,; l replied, and leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He turned his head around and our lips met, l couldn't believe it, he was giving me a full-on snog and l was loving it. When our lips parted l realised when we kissed that l had put my hand on his cock. ;Sorry.;l said.; That was just force of habit, as lm now a married woman.; He just smiled and said not to worry he had enjoyed it. My heart was fluttering, l knew where this was going, he was flirting with me and l was loving it and l could feel my pussy starting to get wet. He leaned over to me again and started to kiss me again, I responded willingly, as his arms embraced me and his hands started to slide down my back and unto my ass. My hand had returned to his cock and l was rubbing it through his trousers, l could feel it growing with every stroke. His hands made their way to my hips, before moving up my sides underneath my blouse and unto my naked flesh. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as he made his way to my tits, and with one hand scooped my left tit out of the cup of my bra and started to roll my nipple through his forefinger and thumb. By now I had unzipped his trousers and made my way into his pants and was stroking his big cock. It felt sooooo good, it must have been about 8 inches long. He released my tit and made his way down to the front of my jeans, he unbuttoned them, pulled down the zip, and slid his hand down the front of my knickers until he was playing with my clit. I couldn't take any more. l needed to be fucked. l pulled my jeans down for him and he dropped to his knees, and looked at my panties, ;Wow,; he said,; do you always wear sexy undies like that.; They were black see-through pants l had got in Victoria Secrets. ;Always,; l gasped,; You never know whats going to happen and a girl needs to look her best at all times.; He started to lick my pussy through my pants, before sliding them down and returning to my now exposed cunt. He licked my pussy amazingly well and then started to dart his tongue in and out of my cunt, it was incredible. Then his tongue went back to my clit and he slid a finger into my pussy and started to finger it. He stood up and led me over to the sofa were l sat down, he stood in front of me and l wrapped my lips around his cock and started to suck it. I cupped his balls as he started to thrust his big cock in and out of my mouth. With that, he pushed me back on the sofa, climbed on top of me, and eased his dick into my pussy. Starting slowly, building up speed with every thrust. My pussy was soaking, his cock was thick and he was giving me the best fuck ld ever had. Suddenly he pulled out, lm going to cum he said. Don't worry l told him, and took his cock back in my mouth and started to lick my pussy juices off it. Soon, he was again thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, then he let a groan and l felt his cum hitting the back of my throat, l swallowed it all and it felt good. We tidied ourselves up and l took him to the train station, by now the 7.00 train had gone so he ended up waiting around for the next train anyway. It was certainly a memorable event and my husband doesn't know about it, not unless Andrew told him, but he will know when he reads this. l have seen Andrew since, l gave him a blow job in ASDA car park, but that's another story.