Written by Ellie

25 Feb 2018

When I first met my husband (nearly 9 years ago) we were both dating other people. We worked together and after months of flirting we eventually started an affair. Within a month we had both dumped our partners and became an item. 18 months later we got married and now, as a 31 year old my husband and I have an arrangement where I am allowed to give other guys blow jobs but never fuck them and I always have to tell him about it. I think because we started off as cheats and it turned us on we never quite got past it. The men I blow are never friends or known to my husband - that would be shitty and damn awkward. In the past month I’ve sucked 7 different cocks (8 if you include hubby) and it is such a sexy way to lead my life. 3 days ago it was a guy I met whilst out shopping at our local supermarket. He was probably in his late 30s. Average height and with a shaven head (I adore that look on men). He smiled at me as we passed in an aisle, and when I got to the end I turned to check him out from behind and there he was doing the same to me. Well that was it. My pussy started to get wet straight away and I knew that I’d have him in my mouth soon. I text my husband who was at work and told him I was about to suck someone and then prepared myself for the next aisle when I was sure I’d pass the guy again. As it was midday on a Wednesday the store was pretty quiet (not quiet enough to blow him there tho!) so when we got to the next aisle, he came towards me, smiling and no doubt thinking of some way to start a conversation. We came alongside each other and I stopped, looked him in the eye and put my hand on his as he held the trolly - ‘got 15 minutes to help me?’ I said. ‘Of course’ he replied and we left our trollies and he folllowed me out the store.

‘Where are you parked?’ I asked and he took me to a black Nissan 4x4 parked next to a hedge and another car. We seemed to move on auto pilot and he got in the drivers side whilst I got in the passenger side.

We kissed for just a minute before I started rubbing his cock through his jeans. It was really hard and before he get get his hand to my pussy I told him to put his seat back and let me look after him. His seat was back and his trousers round his ankles really quick!! His black Calvin Klein boxers were just covering a really nice looking cock. I pulled them down and started stroking his beautiful 7 inch cock in my hand. It wasn’t a monster cock but just perfect thick but not too thick that I couldn’t hold it and the head was a light purple. Fuck it was so hard - I couldn’t wait to taste him.

I lowered my head and as my blonde hair is cut short he was able to watch as I softly took the tip in my mouth and rolled my tongue over the top. He tasted so good I think I moaned louder than him.

I started to take more of him in my mouth and got quickly into a good rhythm, stroking his cock as I sucked on his cock, about half his length going into my mouth each time. I could taste his precum on my tongue and whilst I really wanted his cum I wanted him to enjoy this blow job a bit longer. I dropped his cock from my mouth and began licking desperately at his shaft and balls. They weren’t too hairy and he really liked it when I would hold one in my mouth and let my tongue play with it.

Before I took his cock again I let him run his cock across my lips and cheeks - it’s so fucking sexy being covered in a man’s scent. His cock slid back into my mouth after I told him I wanted his cum and I began stroking and sucking him with greater urgency. In a minute or so he told me he was going to cum and he started spurting the most gorgeous, sweet creamy cum into my mouth. 5 or 6 jets filled my mouth and slid down my throat, I had a mini orgasm of mine own as usual at this point and kept softly sucking his cock until his orgasm had eased. Really sexily he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply our tongues playing with each other for a few minutes until I had to leave him. He stayed in his car whilst I went back to the shop his cum leaving that nice manly taste in my mouth. My husband fucked me silly that night!!!

The men I blow have been aged between 18-50. Some have cum real quick or not very much whilst others have coated me in buckets of cum. I don’t care. I love them all. Some have been drunken in a nightclub, others like the last one during the day. I recommend all girls treat themselves to some nice cocks and tell their husbands about it - I know all men really want a woman like that. xxx