Written by Lynne

9 Aug 2010

My name is Lynne, I am thirty-three years old, blondish hair, blue eyes and a good figure. I'm married to Brian, he's five years older, dark haired with greeny-grey eyes that seem to change colour every time you look at them, he's got an athletic build, I don't mean all muscley - just fit and well-built. We have a great sex life probably because we have the same high sex-drive and are absolute soul-mates. We've both got good jobs, so live pretty well, and own a nce villa in Spain that we've had for six years.

I also have a sister, Lucy, same sort of colouring as me etc., she's almost exactly a year younger than I am. Four years ago she found out that her husband was cheating on her, found out that he'd been seeing this woman for most of the four years they'd been married. She didn't mess about, just divorced him and took him for everything she could get. He was considerably older than she was and worked for a Finance house in the City, he earned extremely good money and she really took him to the cleaners. However it turned out that she then had a problem, they too had had a very good sex life and parting from him seemed to poison her subsequent relationships. This story is really about her.

Lucy, because of her problem, had finally visited a consultant in sexual problems. However, it didn't really work. She lived some distance away and I was surprised one Friday evening to get a phone call that she was on her way to see me. 'I expect it's about her problem,' Brian said when I told him, it was. After she'd arrived and we'd had a tearful get-together, she said, 'I can't help it, Lynne, I know it sounds awful but it's all about sex! You know me, I'm not the sort that's able to pick up a man and go to bed with him just because I've got the urge! And I just can't find a man I feel comfortable with, at least, as soon as I find a man I like and go on a date I get all tensed up because I know that at some time, that night or later, he's going to want sex and I just can't do it!' I gave her a cuddle, 'Why don't you stay a few days and we'll all have a talk about it, I know you won't feel uncomfortable with Brian.'

We discussed her situation after dinner the following evening without reaching any conclusion, it turned out however, that unlike me, she had never had sex with any other man, her ex was the only man she had ever slept with. That night in bed Brian said, 'You know that that's the root of her problem, don't you? She wants to do it, is desperate in fact, but just can't imagine that any man can give her the satisfaction that Luke did.' 'So what d'you think is the answer then?' I asked. He shrugged, 'Dunno, she certainly won't do it with any man she isn't comfortable with and how do you get round that?' We went to sleep but sometime during the night I woke up, I knew what the answer was, but would I be prepared to agree? I went to sleep again.

In the morning we were surprised when Lucy knocked on our bedroom door and walked in with a cup of tea for Brian and me. We sleep naked and when she looked at Brian sitting up in bed and showing his manly chest, she blushed. Then I was sure that I had the answer. Lucy left the room and I said, 'I know the answer, Brian, to Lucy's problem, I mean.' 'You do?', he said in a surprised tone. 'Yes,' I replied, 'it's you. You're the answer, the one man we know she like and respects! She has to get over the fact that she can make love with another man and I'm sure that she'd do it with you if she knew that I suggested it!' 'Wow!' Brian exclaimed, 'You'd let me fuck, if you'll excuse the language, your lovely sister and not be jealous about it?' I nodded enthusiastically, 'Darling, she's my much loved sister! Of course I'd do this for her!'

Well, we talked about it at length and we agreed that it was the appropriate course of action. I told Brian about seeing Lucy blush when she saw his naked chest and guessed that he had nothing on at all, 'I reckon you may be right.', he said. We were due to book a flight to Spain for a fortnight's stay in our villa so we decided to suggest to Lucy that she came with us and then to arrange for Brian to sleep with her. She jumped at the idea that she was to have a holiday with us and Brian booked flights on line, easy. He also, as usual, rentad a car with our usual hire company in Spain the same way.

The time came, Lucy drove down to us the previous day and in the early morning off we went to Bristol Airport. Three and a half hours after our plane took off we were in the villa. We had paid quite a bit for it as it wasn't on an 'urbanizacion', it actually stood on an almost undeveloped road on a cliff overlooking the sea. It had it's own stairway to the beach below. Lucy loved the villa and it's situation. We had arranged, as usual, for one of our Spanish neighbours to do a bit of shopping for us, just the basic things to get started, bread, butter, milk, bacon, eggs, sausages, and, as always, a bottle of wine and one of brandy. We had arrived early afternoon and busied ourselves cleaning up, unpacking, and then having a scratch meal, don't laugh, of a 'Full English', fried bread, bacon, eggs and sausages! The sort of meal easy to prepare and eat with a glass of wine out on the front patio.

We had a convivial evening sitting with a glass or two of wine, or brandy in Brian's case, chatting and enjoying the evening sunlight. Then we went to bed, as usual Brian made love to me and everything seemed perfect. We made love again when we woke the next morning free of the constraints of a working day. Breakfast was bacon and eggs again, then we cleared up and told Lucy that we needed a big shop and were going to a supermarket, she could come with us or stay, whichever she wanted. She stayed and when we returned she was reading a book peacefully on the patio. In the afternoon we changed and went down on the beach for a couple of hours. We had all our own equipment, beach parasol, airbeds, coolbox etc. When we got down to the beach we set everything up and I watched Lucy blush again as she saw Brian in his bathing slip. We went in the sea and the wet briefs showed Brians package up beautifully, Lucy could hardly take her eyes off him.

That evening we went out to dinner as we usally did there, who wants to cook all the time? And we knew quite a few good restaurants. Back home the wine and brandy came out and we sat on the patio again, at one time Brian left us so I took the opportunity to broach the subject of her problem. I told Lucy that Brian and I had discussed it and that we had come up with what we thought might be a good solution. Her face lit up, 'Oh? What on earth could that be?' I told her how we had decided what the problem was first, the fact that she had never had sex with any other man but her ex-husband. She blushed deeply, I laid a hand on her arm, 'You must know that I'm not like you, Lucy, I've slept with a number of men and I know that love is not really necessary, respect and friendship are often enough for anyone to enjoy a sexual relationship. Now I know that you like Brian very much, as a matter of fact I've been watching you, I have noticed that looking at him when you think no-one is watching affects you. I think you have feelings for him.' Lucy looked horrified, she started to say soemthing, 'No, it's alright, darling, everyone has feelings about other people and you probably think what you feel is wrong. It isn't, it's pefectly natural, but that's why I think Brian is the answer. I think he could make love with you and you'd love it, in fact I'm certain of it.' Lucy was still looking horrified, 'But that's awful, he's your husband, you'd be bound to be jealous.' I shook my head, 'No I wouldn't, I've given this a great deal of thought, you're not some stranger, you're my sister! I'd be happy to share him with you! Mind you, I had to talk Brian round! Oh, I could see that he wanted you, no question about that, but he thought I might be jealous too. I convinced him otherwise. Now, what do you say? If you want to think about it, don't give me an answer now, just think about what you feel and how much you want your old sexual feelings back. You must know masturbation is not the answer, we're not what we were like as teenagers, when that was the only answer, we're grown-ups who can be sensible about it.'

In bed that night I told Brian what I'd done, I think he was a little shocked that we might actually go ahead, but there was no doubt that he'd love to make love to Lucy.

If you want to see how it all transpired, keep looking!